Illness / Accident / Old age / Handicap

Urination and pain, this was formerly!

 Pibella on a weelchair


In the event of illness, old age, a handicap or an accident, Pibella Travel is a great help for women who must cope with everyday life under difficult conditions.

The small and hygienic Pibella Travel stands the test in the following situations:

  • Illnesses and accidents
  • Before and after operations
  • Bone fractures or bandaged legs
  • Difficulties when sitting or standingor if a problem is caused by simply crouching behind a bush.


Women who are reliant upon a wheelchair use Pibella Travel, in trains, airplanes, cars or restaurants and hence enjoy a greater amount of freedom.
Simply put a piece of clothing or a blanket over your thighs (as a screen), put Pibella Travel into position – stick the end of the tube into a PET bottle – and let the urine flow.

 Sitting with Pibella Comfort (tilted position)    Sitting with Pibella Travel (upright position)
Sitting with Pibella Comfort (tilted position)    Sitting with Pibella Travel (upright position)