Reduce the risk of falls

Nursing and medical staff use Also at home, Pibella Comfort manages to prevent many falls! to prevent. An impressive study by the “aarReha Klinik Schinznach”, Switzerland

Pibella Comfort Studie from the “aarReha Klinik Schinznach”
Less fall injuries due to Pibella , Studie aarReha, duration of studie: 3 years
  • Thanks to Pibella, the number of patients who fall over has been reduced by 70%.
  • Positive results can be achieved in a very short time.
  • We are able to save several tens of thousands of Swiss francs with each diminished fall (not including potential subsequent operations).
  • The increase in well-being cannot be overemphasised.
  • The patient is once again ready to drink enough liquid. This leads to better healing processes and less stress.
  • We recommend every clinic to use Pibella.
aarReha Schinznach, Specialised Clinic for Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, Osteoporosis. Rolf Strässler Head of Nursing Service, Member of the Clinic Management

„We specifically use Pibella in order to prevent falls.“

Doris Kiefer, Head of Care Development, Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Worth knowingt: What causes fall injuries? A report by Bernar Bauschert

Why patients may faint when they have to urinate.

The patient lies in bed. She gets up and all of a sudden, blood rushes from within her head downward. Mainly to the legs. By now, the full bladder has compressed the circumjacent venous plexus. By urinating, the bladder collapses and the veins are filled with blood again.

Because the patient stands up at this point, even more blood rushes from within the head downward – now directly into the venous plexus around the bladder, which can lead to the patient fainting. The greatest danger is when the patient sits up after urinating. This danger is even greater for old people because the pumping capacity of the heart is weaker and therefore the loss of blood within the head cannot be easily compensated.

At the worst, the patients can actually feel the oncoming faint, then they fret causing the heart to pound, something that old age people’s hearts can hardly take. This can even lead to heart attack.

A further important observation connected to the fear of the bedpan is that the patients don’t drink enough liquid towards the evening because they try avoid the pot as much as they can.

Due to Pibella , patients can drink enough liquid and therefore they don’t try and stagger to the toilet too early and on their own in order to avoid using the bedpan. Along with its enormous efficiency, Pibella also helps to massively cut the costs of fall injuries.

Bernard Bauschert is a care specialist and an instructor at the nurse’s training school at the St. Marien hospital in Siegen, Kampenstr. 51, DE-57072 Siegen, Germany

Also at home, Pibella Comfort manages to prevent many falls!!