Hospital / Nursing home

Pibella Comfort – a wonderful alternative for patients and nursing care

For women who cannot leave their beds, Pibella Comfort offers a clean, intimate and reliable form of relief.
Thanks to its straightforward application, it is also a huge relief for the nursing staff. It takes considerably less time to use than a bedpan. Furthermore, there is no need for lifting anymore.
Properly used, both body and bed remain completely dry.
In our opinion, the most important thing is maintaining women’s dignity.


Ever since 2005 Pibella Comfort has been used in hospitals, clinics, nursing and old people’s homes as well as in the HomeCare and Spitex sectors. The nursing staff explains how to use Pibella Comfort in order for the patient to calmly urinate on her own.

If needed, Pibella Comfort can also bediscreetly positioned by the nursing staff.
The application of Pibella Comfort can also be demonstrated and practiced using the hand.
Precise instructions are enclosed with each delivery (including demonstration by hand).

Advantages for the patient

  • Safeguard privacy and dignity
  • Very straightforward application
  • Usually applicable without help
  • When the urge to urinate arises, there is no need for a nurse call
  • No waiting until a care person comes to help
  • No need for any assistance by one or two care persons
  • No force needed because there is no need to lift the buttocks
  • Private parts must no longer be stretched upwards
  • Hygienic, aesthetic product helps to urinate
  • Clean and intimate urination in a lying position
  • No urine whatsoever spills
  • Private parts, buttocks, back and thighs remain dry
  • The bed remains dry
  • Less inflamed skin
  • No painful bedpan edge
  • No waiting until the bedpan is removed
  • Whenever necessary, Pibella is removed from the bed or the cupboard
  • No leakage due to lid closure
  • A catheter is hardly ever or never at all necessary
  • Also applicable at home
  • Well-being is generally improved

Advantages for the nursing staff

  • Distinctive time saving
  • Be able to work with a convenient and hygienic product
  • Straightforward description and application
  • The application can also be demonstrated using the hand
  • The patient will quickly want to do it herself
  • When the urge to urinate arises, no nurse call is necessary
  • No need for any assistance by one or two care persons
  • No force needed because lifting is unnecessary
  • Legwork is significantly reduced
  • Hectic and stress are relieved
  • No backaches or back injuries
  • No pushing a bedpan underneath and removing it
  • The patient’s body remains dry
  • Less inflamed skin
  • Less wound care
  • The bed remains dry
  • The bed linen doesn’t have to be changed and washed as frequently as beforehand
  • Bad body and linen odours are reduced
  • No nurse call necessary to remove the bedpan
  • Pibella bags are occasionally collected
  • Urine does not splash on care person
  • Less and more comfortable intimate hygiene
  • A catheter is hardly ever or never at all necessary
  • A higher quality of care is ensured
  • Expenditure and costs are reduced

“”Such an ingenious aid should be a joyous naturalness in healthcare as well as in the outdoor activities sector. Every woman should be informed about Pibella Comfort without any kind of false shame.

Priv. Doz. Dr. med Ruth Kirschner-Hermanns, Head of the Continence Centre – Interdisciplinary field of urology, gynaecology and general surgery – University Hospital Aachen Germany

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