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Pibella Comfort is an ideal aid in many life situations.

“There are no limits to using Pibella. It provides women with the greater possibility of self-determined urination than ever before. It also gives us more freedom and security.”

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The medical urination system Pibella Comfort enables women to urinate either lying down or sitting in a independent and dignified manner. It has stood the test in the event of illness, at hospitals or at home as well as during outdoor activities, on travels and expeditions.

  • Pibella Comfort was especially designed for an external and simple application.
  • It is the only urination system for women that, due to the anatomically adapted small orifice, encloses the exit of the urethra in a direct, gentle and sealed manner.
  • Ideal in bed (lying down) and on the edge of the bed (seated).
  • Also highly convenient for outdoor activities.
  • It works for all women. The first application may call for a bit of courage in order to let the urine flow. Afterwards, it quickly becomes a matter of routine!

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Pibella Comfort Urination Set for women - tube with urinebags and lid

Pibella Comfort is available in a convenient set (1 tube with lid + 3 bags). Both the tube and the lid are infinitely re-usable.

Pibella Comfort is a huge benefit for patients and nursing staff. Ever since 2006, it has been utilised in hospitals, nursing homes and the home care sector as a successful alternative.

The material is absolutely non-irritant, dishwasher safe, rinsable and sterilisable in boiling water (up to 135°C).

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The small, hygienic and infinitely usable “companion” has proven itself in many different situations.

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 Pibella Comfort - for simple urination in a lying or sitting position

The scientifically tested and recommended Pibella is an externally applicable medical product according to the European standard 93/42/EWG, class 1; annex VII. It is registered at „Swissmedic“ and is CE- and FDA-certified. Manufacturing is only carried out in Switzerland under state-of-the-art and hygienic conditions