Instructions / Cleaning / Tips

The use and care of Pibella Comfort is absolutely simple. Precise illustrations are enclosed with each delivery.

Due to the selected solid material Pibella Comfort, the tube is easy to handle and it feels very pleasant and gentle during the positioning (similar to drinking from a glass). It usually works correctly straight away. We do however recommend practising with a pad. The first application may call for a bit of courage in order to let the urine flow. Afterwards, it quickly becomes a matter of routine! If necessary, slide your underwear to one side.

Pibella Comfort is optimally adapted to the female anatomy and works for every woman. Due to the small and feminine-shaped docking orifice, the exit of the urethra is enclosed between the labia in a direct and gentle manner. The urine stream is then cleanly diverted via the tube into the urine bag, leaving the body absolutely dry! Even the last drop can be wiped off.

Demonstration using the hand

The function can be demonstrated AND practised using the hand. This gives more confidence and helps to find the correct position.

  1. One hand forms a fictitious vaginal orifice with the thumb and index finger. The red dot represents the exit of the urethra.
  2. Completely insert the Pibella tongue into the fictitious vaginal orifice and attach it to the upper vaginal wall by applying gentle pressure.
  3. The tube now tightly seals the exit of the urethra.
 Pibella Comfort Instructions, How to use Pibella Comfort


  1. Remove bag, empty and dispose of it.
  2. Place Pibella and lid in bed pan washer to clean it.
  3. Put it in the patient’s bedside table.

We recommend a patient-related use (mark the tube with a waterproof pen).

For private use, the sturdy Pibella and the lid can be washed and cleaned in boiling water (water tap, soap, saucepan, hot wash programme in washing machine, dishwasher). They are infinitely re-usable. For private use, the urine bag can be used very often and re-ordered at any time.

Pibella tube is made of non-irritant polypropylene (PP). The material is water-repellent, dishwasher safe, rinsable and sterilisable in boiling water (up to 135°C). Re-usable. 100% recyclable (PP5). Made in Switzer- land. Registered design. Worldwide patent.

Pibella Comfort-urine bag is made of non-irritant plastic (CPA, PE). It is extremely durable and shock-resistant. The tube is pushed into the bag. Instructions are printed on the bag. Low environmental pollution. Made in Switzerland. Registered design. For private use, the bag can be used several times. One set includes 3 bags which can be reordered

Pibella Comfort-lid seals the tube tightly and odour-free.