Pibella female urination device in a wheelchair


Pibella Comfort

I am 36 and I have been in a wheelchair since I was 30 yrs old. Before Pibella whenever I went out in public I would have to have my husband come in the bathroom with me and lift me up and put me on the toliet…Sitting on the public toliets would often give me boils and infections from them not being sterlie.. So we would not go out often because it was either sit on the toilet or sit in a wet adult diaper… But with the Pibella I can go out on my own… I dont need any assitance in the bathroom… I can go out with my friends and other family members without having to have my husband there to help me in the bathrooms and best of all I have not had one boil or infection since using the Pibella and not having to sit on the dirty pyblic toliets… Words cant express how much I appreciate you for making this product. Thank You Belinda

(Deutsch) Pibella bewährt sich!

Pibella Comfort Female-Urination-Device for bedridden woman

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Completely dry in morning with this urination device

Pibella Comfort


I received my order last week. My mother has already started using Pibella Comfort, and she is completely dry in the morning! We are so happy with this urination device.

Thank you very much for the fast delivery.

Warm Regards, Ann T. and Mother

Pibella Urination Device works great with MS


I purchased this, it works great! I have MS and this allows me to go to the bathroom without having to squat while hiking, paddling, skiing, and biking. Also we must think about the TICK infestation, I know of 2 women who had ticks in and very close to their vaginas. I have tried other products that are similar, this one is the one I recommend to all my friends. Deborah F.

Urination device for Wheelchair and Powerchair

Pibella Comfort


I am a user of both the comfort and the travel Pibella (for to pee while sitting in my powerchair, wheelchair). I have trialled a few urinary devices in the my time and by far by far by far,

your product is superior!

I have introduced it to facebook page of women who also have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. Thanks for creating such a wonderful, life expanding product. Very grateful.

Kind regards Rebecca from Australia

Pibella Feminine Urination Device with harness


As for my experience of Pibella Feminine Urination Device, I find it very useful in the mountains : I wear a harness that can’t be taken off for security reasons and I’m roped up with other people (which prevents me from privacy).

Before having a Pibella, I used to prevent myself from drinking as much as needed in order to sort out the pee-issue (which is a very very bad solution). Also I find it easy to use, and I just needed a few trials at home before using Pibella when mountaineering.

In addition of the usefulness of a Pibella, I’m kind of proud to pee standing like guys and find it funny to get some original pictures of it : so I will probably send you more pictures in a near future ! Feel free to publish my Pibella picture if you want!

Pibella is the best Female Urination device S.F

Bedridden daughter – the Pibella urination system helps

Pibella Comfort Female-Urination-Device for bedridden woman

Hi Pibella Team

I have bought several Pibella Comfort, they are for my daughter who is severly ill in Myalgisc Encephalommyelitis (which means inflammation in the brain and muscles) and she is totally bedridden since almost a year.

Without the Pibella urination system her life would be much more difficult (and also mine – I am the only carer) so thank you for this product and thank´s again for the extra tubes and lids!

Kind regards, Elvira USA

Best marks

Pibella Travel

Here is my brief feedback:

Your Pibella female urination device is excellent. The usage is simple and thorougly uncomplicated. The only hurdle I had to clear was initially getting used to it in my mind. It took a bit of getting used to but didn’t pose any problems whatsoever.

From my point of view, this product gets top marks! I think every woman should use Pibella.

Yours sincerely

D. Uebersax

Pibella, a good experience


Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung. Ich finde das Pipi-Röhrchen Pibella klasse! Habe es sofort ausprobiert und konnte es fast nicht glauben, dass es wirklich so problemlos funktioniert. Also eine gute Erfahrung für mich!

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen angenehmen Start in die neue Woche und viele Bestellungen.

Eveline S. DE

Pibella is a great urination system!

Physio Team kg-neuland


My name is Astrid Landmesser, and I am a physiotherapist from Erkelenz. I am specialised in treating patients who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction. www.kg-neuland.de

I became acquainted with Pibella at a urological conference in Aachen, and I was immediately struck by this simple pee tube. Being able to relieve myself while standing up is perfect for women, especially on hikes in forests or in the mountains … it takes a bit of practice, but it does work without any problems whatsoever. Pibella is always in my backpack!

I have also recommended Pibella to my patients. Whoever feels an increased and compelling urge to urinate or is afraid of getting stuck in a traffic jam, then Pibella is absolutely ideal with its urine bag or even simply using a bottle. This means you have no trouble at all relieving yourself in the car. Even though it requires a bit of practice, it definitely works, and, above all, it helps to remove the pressure that you may not make it to the next service area in time.

I wish you success! Pibella is a great system!

Astrid Landmesser


Praxis; Krefelder Str. 5, 41812 Erkelenz, Deutschland


The female urinating device Pibella is a wonderful alternative


In terms of nursing care, Pibella definitely proves to be a wonderful alternative. A friend of mine brought my attention to Pibella and asked me – I am a nursing care expert at a surgical ward – if we could also include Pibella in our range of products. After observing the usage procedure on the Internet, I was immediately interested and therefore ordered one.

After receiving the product, I tested it and immediately realised that I felt secure using Pibella, despite the fact that one or two trials in an undisturbed environment are necessary. The small, anatomical docking orifice is perfect, even though this may be hard to believe at first. Equipped with this new knowledge, I visited all the team meetings of our six wards and showed Pibella to the nurses. It is now available in all our wards.

A majority of the nurses wanted to experience Pibella themselves, which led them to order one for their own private use. Due to their own enthusiasm, they were able to overcome any inhibition whatsoever and thus present Pibella to the patients as well as explain its advantages to them! Patients who use Pibella are very happy and grateful because they are able to relieve themselves in an independent, intimate and comfortable manner. They are glad that they do not have to use the cold and uncomfortable bedpan. Apart from the patient satisfaction, the nurses are now able to protect their backs during work – notably in the case of obese patients who do not have to be lifted anymore. Furthermore, only one nurse is now needed to assist a patient to relieve him- or herself – something that is normally impossible when using a bedpan. It is also important to mention the fact that the risk of falling is also reduced. From my point of view, I am really glad that I didn’t have to do without Pibella during my mountain trekking trip in Thailand! It is clear to me that Pibella is an ingenious product and a major achievement for women!

Brigitte Wittwer, Nursing Care Expert, University Hospital of Berne, Switzerland

Congratulations on your invention pee funnel Pibella

Pibella Travel

Congratulations on your invention Pibella pee funnel. After reading about it in today’s newspaper, I found it quite amusing because of the fact that when I was seven years old, I found it quite unfair that the boys were so “comfortably equipped”. Back then (approx. 50 years ago), I thought that someone should invent a device in order for girls to be able to urinate standing up. I envisioned a little tube – but I didn’t have any idea how to fasten it. I didn’t pursue the project any further. :-)

In the meantime, I have come to terms with my own anatomy; I must say that I am especially happy that your product will help bedridden patients. And also that it will now be possible to fulfull my childhood wish when I go walking or anywhere else when it will come in handy.

Maja Speer

We are just happy that Pibella exists!

Pibella Comfort

We are just so happy that Pibella exists.

My wife Käthi is a complex nursing case due to the complete paralysis of her entire body (Locked-in syndrome). Finding the right position is especially challenging because she is able to feel every fibre of her body, and she knows exactly what is right for her. She is only partly under control when she has to urinate or defecate. As soon as she feels the urge, it usually has to happen very quickly in order to be successful. Relocating to the shower- and wc-wheelchair is also a highly complex matter; and handling the „potty or bedpan“ can also be uncomfortable and time-consuming. For this situation, Pibella is a most welcome aid due to the fact that urinating can be done in a lying position. After relieving oneself, the urine can be disposed of in a comfortable manner, and only a quick cleaning procedure then becomes necessary.

Because my wife cannot use her arms and legs, the nurses must position Pibella themselves. After a bit of practice – which is well worthwhile for all people involved – not a drop goes aside. Pibella is a huge help for all of us. We never want to be without it because it greatly helps to facilitate all of our procedures. Furthermore, the people involved in taking care of Käthi do not come up against their limits as much as before using Pibella, and they also experience less backache.

As you can see, our entire situation is not easy at all, but Pibella is one of those things that helps make our lives a bit easier. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the inventors of Pibella.

Stefan & Käthi – complete paralysis of the entire body (Locked-in syndrome)

Any kind of false shame is not at all necessary


Pibella, a wonderful urination system also for women affected by MS! As a woman who has been affected by MS for many years – in the meantime a bit more corpulent and reliant on a wheelchair and care – Pibella Comfort is a huge gift.

I really hope and wish that all people working in the health sector recommend Pibella to their patients and the relatives affected. Any kind of false shame is not at all necessary.

We are absolutely enthralled by Pibella – therefore, my husband and I would like to recommend this wonderful aid to everyone.

Many thanks for this ingenious invention.

Esther Buchs – a woman affected by MS

(Deutsch) Wir empfehlen Urinierhilfe Pibella den Frauen in unserer Praxis für Reisemedizin

Pibella@Reisemedizin AT

Soon in English. Wir empfehlen die sinnvolle Urinierhilfe Pibella den Frauen in unserer Praxis für Reisemedizin.

Beste Grüsse aus Innsbruck, Österreich

Dr. Christina Jamnig und Dr. Anton Petter


I can fully recommend both products

Pibella Comfort Female-Urination-Device for bedridden woman

After a major operation, Pibella Comfort and Pibella Travel were a great help. I can fully recommend both products!

Renate Andermatt, “midwife”

Every woman should be informed

Pibella Urinierhilfe bei Uniklinik Aachen

Such an ingenious aid should be a joyous naturalness in healthcare as well as in the outdoor activities sector. Every woman should be informed about Pibella without any kind of false shame.

PD Dr. med. Ruth Kirschner-Hermanns – Head of the Continence Centre – Interdisciplinary field of urology, gynaecology and general surgery – University Hospital Aachen Germany

Wonderful development


Many thanks for Pibella. It is a truly wonderful development. It only took two attempts in order to feel secure using Pibella. The third attempt proved to work perfectly. As I travel a lot, it is a relief not having to use a dirty toilet again. This is very nice for healthy people. I can imagine just how helpful it must be for bedridden women. It is great to know that there are people who invest so much time and energy in this project. I am much obliged to you! I will surely recommend Pibella to others.

Jutta Wittkopp, Brenden, Germany

It works great


Feedback from Mississippi: Hey, I used my Pibella, it works great! I peed in bottle the other night so I wouldn’t have to come out of room. It went off without a hitch!” Greetings from Mississippi, Karen

It is very easy to handle


In the meantime, I have received my Pibella and I have already tried it out: As probably most, if not all your customers, I am very happy with it! It is very easy to handle and also highly intuitive – after 2 or 3 times, it succeeds effortlessly. Even my 86 year old mother-in-law – who got the second one – manages very well with your product and she is also very happy with it.I wish you every success with your product. I will warmly recommend Pibella to everyone I know! I would also like to thank you once ebozavr.com again for your goodwill regarding the order.

Best regards Beate Woeste, Germany

For the first time I could urinate without pain!!

Pibella Comfort

So far I only used the bedpan, which often hurt me because of my hip operation. The lifting and often long time I had to sit on the bedpan was very uncomfortable.

So I tried Pibella after the Nurse proposed this to me. Her instructions were very clear, but I was doubtful that it would work.

The nurse took my hand and showed me exactly where to put Pibella. I am a little clumsy, so the first few times I leaked. After 2 other tries the nurse and I succeeded placing Pibella properly; it was wonderful!!! For the first time I could urinate without pain!! Also the nurse did not have to come that often anymore, because I could do it myself. She only needed to throw the bag out in the morning.

Esther K., Patient aarReha, Schinznach, Switzerland, 70 years

I use Pibella at night!

Pibella Comfort

The caregivers asked me if I would be willing to try Pibella. I am always in for novelties so I tried Pibella. The nurse showed me the instructions and that day I tried it, but I spilled some urine. After that the nurse helped me to put Pibella in place so I learned where to put it. Now I am completely excited and use it always at night. I have less pain now, because using the bedpan hurt my herniated disk.

Anna P., Patient aarReha, Schinznach, Switzerland, 60 years

First afraid, but it really works!


Patient: Initially, I was afraid of touching my genital area and positioning Pibella. Because the caregivers were so patient and informative, I was able reduce and overcome this fear. Also I was very scared the first time to allow myself to urinate, as I was worried that I would spill. But it really works! After 5 tries I could use Pibella by myself and I do not need to ring that often. I am very happy about the Pibella urination system.

Priska F., Patient aarReha, Schinznach, Switzerland, 67 years

A blessing and a relief

Pibella Comfort Female-Urination-Device for bedridden woman

“Because of an accident I was confined to hospitals and bed for several months. Besides all pains and worries, the use of the bedpan was extremely stressful and very uncomfortable.

I was fortunate to experiment with Pibella and it was a big relief for me.

With Pibella I was immediately more independent and as a woman felt much better.

In my normal job, as Care Station Manager in a home for elderly, I probably would not have given Pibella a second glance, because until I had to use the bedpan myself I would never have thought what an uncomfortable and stressful thing this is to my own patients.

One night, while I was using Pibella with great ease, I suddenly realized that I should spread the word to all people who work in Care, to bravely offer Pibella to their patients.

The first try really needs some sort of bravery, but after that the quality of life of the patients becomes so much better!

Since then I have recommended this product to many other women.

For me the invention of Pibella is a blessing!”

Ruth Egger, 58 years, Patient at Rehab-Clinic, aarReha, Schinznach, Schweiz, 2007 Station manager Care and Home for the Elderly

Pibella, the only female urination device that seals tightly!

Pibella Comfort

Gretha fell ill with CIDP in September 2006, which practically led to an entire loss of mobility. 18 months later, she went on a cycling trip for the first time again, and we also planned a canoeing and hiking trip to the Swedish Eastern Archipelago in the summer of 2008. BUT! The illness causes several unpleasant situations. For example if Gretha has to relieve herself – then it has to „happen“ immediately. This means that there is no time to wait.

We made no secret of this fact and set our travelling rhythm according to Gretha’s bladder. With some astonishment we discovered that there is a considerable number of fellow sufferers who, shamefacedly and with umpteen excuses and beating around the bush, really do suffer. We quickly realised that canoeing in the Archipelago would remain wishful thinking without a fully functioning urination system. We had to find a solution for the car journey as well as for the boat and the tent.

Initial research in relevant sports shops merely led to half-hearted solutions, none of them really favourable to women: hence, useless in terms of using them in the kayak, the car or the tent. Thanks to the Internet, Google and a bit of time, I eventually came across an invention by two Swiss men. Convinced by the functionality planned to the last detail and the simple application, we ordered a Pibella Comfort and Travel for test purposes. After trying it out for the first time, we knew straight away that our vacation in the Archipelago would finally become reality! But what makes the application so simple and uncomplicated?

All solutions provided on the market are relatively bulky, funnel-shaped objects that are externally positioned on the vulva by the woman and, depending on the anatomy and possibility, do not seal tightly. Therefore, they leave behind a wet environment and are awkward to transport. More often than not, one has to either partially undress or the handling is obtrusive. Pibella is the only solution that is positioned directly over the urethral orifice and that diverts the urine without interfering with the surroundings.

After practising a couple of times with Pibella Travel, Gretha was able to position „the thing“ as fast as I could get „my thing“ out of my trousers. She stands there just like a man, only to be recognised as a woman because of her hair cut. The question „go and see if anyone is coming“ is now a thing of the past. She can now go to the next tree, unfasten her trousers a bit, push her slip to one side and put Pibella Travel in its correct position. Afterwards, she can stow it away in the plastic bag provided with the set. The tube remains virtually dry thanks to the appropiate material, allowing for the urine to almost completely drip off. Until now, nighttime had also been an additional burden.

Leaving the warm sleeping bag in appalling weather conditions – often rain, and also walking across unfamiliar terrain, through branches and climbing over boulders with a headlamp – is not every woman’s cup of tea. In our case, it wasn’t so much a matter of just leaving the tent and entering natural surroundings. More often than not, she could just not hold it back, hence hardly having any time to get outside.

Pibella Comfort has a slightly modified geometry as opposed to Pibella Travel in order to comply with the female anatomy in lying and seated positions.

Gretha was able to thoroughly enjoy the Scandinavian sunsets and drink a glass or two of wine – without having to worry about how she would „survive“ the night … We were only able to go on holiday thanks to these two aids, as trivial as this may appear. After a short while, they became a natural part of our daily routine. Anybody smirking about the „two old folks“ ceased to do so within a very short time. We couldn’t however help but smile whenever we heard people unzipping their tents during the night.

We were out in the wild for just over two weeks, without hardly any contact to „civilisation“. We spent the rest of the time in our tent on camping sites or in beautiful spots far away from any sanitary buildings! During this time, Gretha only used one plastic bag, obviously cleaning it as well as the set in a hygienic manner.

We can safely say that we have finally found the perfect solution for the car journey, the boat trip as well as for camping purposes! Thanks to Pibella, we have gained more quality of life!

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the inventors of this product.

Urs and Gretha Steiner, Germany

Walking and hiking with Pibella pee funnel

I use Pibella Urinal when I go walking and hiking. As I am older, crouching in the woods is quite a problem resp. getting up again. Pibella makes everything a lot easier because I can now urinate standing.

I recently bought two more urinal devices because I want to give one to my sister and keep another one in my handbag. Pibella also comes in handy in dirty toilets, hence I don‘t have to sit on a filthy toilet seat.

It‘s great that Pibella is so small and even fits in my pocket. Further, the material allows the device to be rinsed under a tap. The water pearls off in droplets.

Yours sincerely

Dora Hansel, Germany

Pibella works like a dream

Thank you very much for your invention that provides women with a lot more freedom to move!

Pibella Travel works like a dream. Now, I don‘t have to contain myself to the point that it becomes uncomfortable. Great Urinal for ladies!

Best regards

Esther Z., Zurich

Painless with Lichen Sclerosus / absolutely dry

It is best money I have given out for a long time! I suffer from skin disease Lichen Sclerosus – translated into Danish “silkehud” which is a disease of the inner labia. When the disease flares up, bursting the skin and leaves exuding wounds. I have had the disease in some 9 years and have tried everything to avoid urine touching the wounds, without finding something that works for me. I must admit I was a little skeptic around Pibella Travel, but although the material is hard, it felt not hard while using. I was also concerned it might “stick” against my wounds and then it would be a pain to remove it. This issue has been the biggest problem with all the different things I have tried over the years, but it was a real joy to eliminate it. Pibella ist the only product, which keeps the body absolutey dry. Not a drop falls aside. Now I can allow myself to take into the city even when I have these outbreaks, where I previously was forced to stay home near the shower to wash the urine away when I peed and felt pain afterwards. I can definitely recommend to others with the same disease or other diseases of the vagina, using Pibella Travel and may like to refer to my mail in connection with the mention of the product. Many greetings Emma L. Denmark

You have provided an elegant solution to a problem

Congratulations to your invention, I hope you achieve a wide distribution. Hats off, you have provided an elegant solution to a problem. Many women fear the potty. I use this Pibella female urination device also for travels — just perfect. Thank you very much Heidi Bossard

Pibella – a great female urination device

I heard about Pibella via the media. I have been suffering from an irritable bladder for many years, and I can hardly tolerate a permanent catheter (constant irritation of the bladder). In May 2008, I underwent a knee operation after which I was not able to leave my bed for at least 2 days. As I decided to refuse using a permanent catheter, I was left with the single option of testing Pibella. I discussed it with my doctor and the anaesthetist who were both willing to respect my request. I think Pibella is good due to the fact that a patient does not always have to call for a nurse in order for her to bring a bedpan. The usage is very discreet, and once the application is understood, one never encounters any further problems. I can only recommend the Pibella female urinating system, and I will certainly use it during the days after my next knee operation (which takes place next year). Rona Rudolf, Switzerland

Very positive experiences with Pibella at the hospital – also perfect on my travels

I had very good experiences using Pibella in the hospital, and I would now like to take the Pibella FUD (female urinating device) with me on my travels (especially to developing countries). Thank you, Jasmin Mops

I am delighted – this female urination device Pibella is simply brilliant and works perfect!


This female urination device is simply brilliant. I am very delighted. Pibella works perfect!!!!!!! Yours sincerely Natascha Wirz, Switzerland

Lichen sclerosus / Thanks to the Pibella urination device


My Pibella Travel has just arrived, and it is exactly what I had expected and hoped for. I suffer from a disease called Lichen Sclerosus which makes my private parts particularly vulnerable to injuries and wounds. As soon as these „parts“ come into contact with urine, I experience almost unbearable pain. Pibella is the only female urination device I have encountered that keeps urine away from my body without exposing the surrounding skin. I will recommend this system to the LS online support group. I will also order another one in the near future. Many thanks! Judith O’Sean, USA

Ein erlösendes Erlebnis

Pibella Comfort, made for woman, the urination device

Only available in german yet:

“Ich habe es zum Glück in der Zeitung gesehen. Es funktionierte tatsächlich auf dem ersten Spaziergang im Wald. Am liebsten hätte ich vor Freude und Erleichterung jemanden umarmt. Auch wenn es sich hier nur um etwas sehr Alltägliches handelt, war das ein wirklich erlösendes Erlebnis. Nun gehe ich wieder spazieren, denn das Hinkauern macht mir Probleme.”

Friedel Schalch, Jahrgang 1924, Baden, Schweiz

Im Rollstuhl, Bett und Krankenhaus eine grosse Hilfe


Only available in german yet:

Ich möchte mich nochmals bedanken, für ihre schnelle Hilfe und Unterstützung als ich im Spital in Bern lag und meine Pibella abhanden kam, wie froh war ich, als ich ihr Paket erhielt.

Ich bin selber grösstenteils auf den Rollstuhl angewiesen und es gibt immer wieder Zeiten wo ich mich kaum bewegen kann und schon der Weg zur Toilette ein Problem wird, da ist die Pibella ein grosser Segen.

Aber am dankbarsten war ich im Krankenhaus, als ich mich nicht mehr bewegen konnte und mir diesen mühsamen Topf ersparen konnte, erstens habe ich eine sehr schwachte Blase und muss öfters aufs Clo und dann jedes Mal zu klingeln ist für mich eine grosse Überwindung, kommt dazu, dass ich es sehr anstrengend finde, den Topf zu benützen und manchmal ohne Hilfe kaum möglich, wenn man seine Beine nicht mehr bewegen kann. Und dann noch die Scham dazu, wennn die Schwester daneben wartet, bis man fertig ist, mit der Pibella ist das viel unkomplizierter und einfacher. Und die Schwestern haben den Beutel auch problemlos geleert, auch wenn Sie das system nicht kannten, und ich konnte so ein wenig Werbung machen. Ich hoffe sehr, dass sich dieses System in den Spitälern immer mehr durchsetzt und allgemein bekannter wird.

Vielen Dank, nochmals für Ihre Unterstützung.

Und entschuldigen Sie, dass ich mich erst jetzt wieder melde, aber es lief nach dem Spitalauftenhalt alles drunter und drüber.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Mary Graph

Ich habe mein Geld schon lange nicht für etwas Besseres ausgegeben.


Only available in german yet:

Ich habe mein Geld schon lange nicht für etwas Besseres ausgegeben.

Ich leide an der Hautkrankheit Lichen Sclerosus, was auf Dänisch «silkehud» heisst. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Krankheit der inneren Schamlippe. Tritt die Krankheit in Erscheinung, so verletzt sie die Haut und hinterlässt feuchte Wunden.

Ich leide schon seit neun Jahren daran und habe bisher vergeblich versucht, ein Mittel zu finden, das den Urin von den Wunden fernhält. Ich gebe zu, dass ich Pibella Travel anfangs etwas skeptisch gegenüberstand. Obwohl das Material hart ist, fühlt es sich bei der Anwendung äusserst angenehm an und die Platzierung vor dem Harnröhrenausgang ist sehr einfach.

Genau darin bestand nämlich das Hauptproblem bei allen anderen Produkten, die ich über die Jahre ausprobiert habe. Nur mit Pibella bleibt alles absolut trocken.

Umso grösser ist meine Freude heute, dieses Problem endlich aus dem Weg geräumt zu haben.

Am Anfang noch ungeübt, war es nicht ganz klar, wenn «frau» fertig uriniert hat! Jetzt bin ich geübt – ich habe es im Griff – es geht kein einziger Urintropfen daneben.

Ich nehme Ihr Produkt nun sogar mit in die Stadt und bin so immer gut ausgerüstet. Zuvor war ich gezwungen, zuhause zu bleiben, um in der Nähe meiner Dusche zu sein, damit ich den Urin sofort wegwaschen konnte, nachdem ich mich erleichtert und danach Schmerzen verspürt hatte.

Menschen mit derselben Krankheit oder ähnlichen Vaginalkrankheiten empfehle ich den Gebrauch von Pibella Travel.

Gerne dürfen Sie mein Feedback im Zusammenhang mit Ihrem Produkt verwenden.

Viele Grüsse Emma L. Dänemark