(Deutsch) … es geht nicht länger als beim Mann!


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(Deutsch) Oma pinkelt im Wald mit Pibella Urinierhilfe

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Travelling in India – without Pibella – no way!


Hi Pibella

Here are my personal Pibella photos from when I travelled in India and had to pee in the most unpleasant areas haha – thank you for saving me! (-:

If these count towards a free Pibella as it says on your website, I would love a new one as my last one arrived with a crack down the middle, though it was still perfectly usable

Have a great day!

Pibella is extremely popular at REI’s women events


Hi Pibella Team

Pibella was extremely popular at REI Virginia Beach’s event on May 6! Attached is a photo of two women who were very excited to have received Pibella, and they send their appreciation! Women can buy Pibella at our REI stores.

And women can learn more about how REI can help you embrace the outdoor lifestyle. We’re committed to creating more opportunities for women to spend more time outdoors. Find information in REI’s Force of Nature movement. https://www.rei.com/h/force-of-nature

And expert advice https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice.html

Thank you REI Outdoor Programs www.REI.com/learn

Pibella at REI’s women events


Hi Pibella We send you you another photo from REI’s events for women This is what a force of nature looks like.

Thank you REI Outdoor Programs for women www.REI.com

Pibella is the best and easiest urination device


Good afternoon I want to thank you for developing Pibella. It is the third–and best– urination–device of this type I have used. It is the smallest, easiest to get into position, most convenient to carry, and (best of all) most compatible with a woman’s anatomy, so it doesn’t leak or drip. Because of its small size and unique shape, it requires less adjustment of clothing to use (the backside stays covered :-). I like to attend music festivals but I have a horror of germs and public bathrooms. This will make it so much more pleasant. I used my Pibella successfully on the first try, and I intend to use it all year long for hiking, festivals, and travel. Again, thank you.

Cathy, USA

P.S. –I’d like to take you up on your offer of a free Pibella in exchange for a photo. I will give it to my sister who also loves festivals. (A pink one would be nice.)

(Deutsch) Pibella beim Wandern


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Urination device for backpacking

Ich nehme Pibella auf jede Wanderung mit

Hello Pibella

I take my Pibella backpacking. It is a great urine director for backpacker. It is so much easier!

Thank you! Charlotte, Canada

Pibella female urination device in a wheelchair


Pibella Comfort

I am 36 and I have been in a wheelchair since I was 30 yrs old. Before Pibella whenever I went out in public I would have to have my husband come in the bathroom with me and lift me up and put me on the toliet…Sitting on the public toliets would often give me boils and infections from them not being sterlie.. So we would not go out often because it was either sit on the toilet or sit in a wet adult diaper… But with the Pibella I can go out on my own… I dont need any assitance in the bathroom… I can go out with my friends and other family members without having to have my husband there to help me in the bathrooms and best of all I have not had one boil or infection since using the Pibella and not having to sit on the dirty pyblic toliets… Words cant express how much I appreciate you for making this product. Thank You Belinda

Pibella and Geocaching

Pibella and Geocaching

Hi Pibella Pibella is great and I use it while Geocaching. I send you a photo and would like to have a Pibella Travel in pink. Thank you! Roberta

(Deutsch) Ich habe nun eine Sorge weniger!

Pibella Travel Pink

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(Deutsch) Pibella und OpenAir’s

Pibella Travel für Openiar

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(Deutsch) Pibella in der Wildnis

Pibella in der Wildnis

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Thank You Again I can not express how thankful I am for Pibella



I first wanna say thank you for creating this product…I has literly given me back my independance…I am so thankful..I also had a question…I have the Pibella Travel…I wanted to know if you can use it with the urinal bags or do you need the comfort set for the bags to fit?

Thank You Again I can not express how thankful I am for Pibella

Shanley, USA

(Deutsch) Pibella – eine wundervolle Erfindung!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-07 um 13.02.17

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(Deutsch) Pibella funktioniert einfach super!

Joggen mit Pibella

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(Deutsch) Pibella auf dem Bau

Pibella green with blue bag

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(Deutsch) (Français) Peintre en bâtiment et pas souvent de wc sur les chantiers


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(Deutsch) Mein Mutter wollte auch so ein Wunderding

Das Wunderding

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(Deutsch) Sofort hell begeistert

Pibella green with blue bag

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(Deutsch) Joggen mit Pibella

Joggen mit Pibella

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(Deutsch) Ich finde es eine tolle Sache


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(Deutsch) Schwanger und pinkeln mit Pibella

schwanger und pibella

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(Deutsch) Pibella mit Einwegflasche

Pibella mit Einwegflasche

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(Deutsch) Pibella bewährt sich!

Pibella Comfort Female-Urination-Device for bedridden woman

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Pibella in the Forest


Hallo Pibella

Da auch mir die Pibella Travel sehr gefällt und ich sie eigentlich immer dabei habe, machte ich vor ein paar Tagen dieses Foto.

Da ich Forstwirtschaft studiere, habe ich öfters im Wald zu tun. Als ich meine erste vor 1,5 Jahren verloren habe, kaufte ich mir auch schnell eine Neue.

Wenn Sie mir für das Foto eine grüne Pibella schicken würden, würde ich mich sehr freuen :-)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Deutschland

Case for my Pibella



I receive my Pibella today, and I tried it out as soon as I needed to go. It worked so well! I can’t wait to use it on long walks or hikes or even in a dirty public loo! :) Greets Chris

Pibella works wonderfully!


Dear Pibella Team

I received Pibella today and it works wonderfully! I have a bulging disc in my back and sometimes can’t sit or stand, so this is very helpful. I found out about your product thru a youtube video about STP’s (Stand To Pee Devices). I also camp, so this will save me from leaving the camper in the middle of the night to use the facilities.

Dora C.


Pibella green with blue bag

Dear Pibella Team

I cannot say enough good things about your product. I was in need of something to help clear my bladder while working assignments with no restroom close by. I originally bought another urination device. However, while it was still being shipped to me, I ran across a review of your product. My gut told me to buy it, so, I did.

Well, the other device was thrown away after a couple of failed attempts and the realization that there was no way the device would work. A few days later, Pibella arrived in my mailbox. It worked the first time! I love it. Thinking I may have to get the comfort one in the near future to accompany the travel one I bought.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Karin, USA

Pibella urine aid is a great help in pregnancy


The feminine urination device Pibella is a great help for me in pregnancy. I LOVE Pibella Travel (stand up and pee) and Pibella Comfort (lying down). Thank you so much. Marlene Washington, USA

(Deutsch) Hier ist unser Pibella Foto

Hier ist unser Pibella Foto

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Thank you so much, Pibella!


I received the free 3 Pibellas this week, and had planned to write back yesterday to thank you and to let you know, but I was gone all day. Thank you so much. You may have thought I had already sent a video in, but I haven’t yet. I’m a little unsteady on my feet, and I tried to film it before I wrote back, so I could send you a video, but I found it difficult to hold the Pibella and the phone camera and hold myself up, all at the same time! LOL…. I will practice more, and hopefully be able to send in a video soon. I’m giving the other two Pibellas to my daughters, and they will at first think I’m crazy, until they realize the importance of this wonderful product! :) One of my daughters was stuck in traffic one time for over two to three hours, and fortunately she was in a van, so she went to the back of the van and used a water jug! She will soon learn the importance of this great product, when I remind her of that…..not to mention all the nasty bathrooms out there, that makes one cringe to have to sit upon! Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you again….so much! Julia, USA

(Deutsch) Die beste Pipihilfe ist Pibella


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Mother and daughter love Pibella


We are so happy with the feminine urination device Pibella. We love Pibella ;-)

Many thanks Ida and Beatrice, Germany

I love this female system Pibella

I love this female system Pibella

Dear Pibella Here I am using my favorite new device on my way to an airport in the early morning. Please send my complimentary Pibella in pearl color again to my address in Iowa USA.

Thank you so much, I love this device!!! Sue

I love to stand and pee with Pibella

I love to stand and pee with Pibella

Dear Pibella I love your product! Here is a picture for your website in exchange for your offer of a travel Pibella. Anjoni, Canada

How tow pee in the train toilet

Pinkeln im- Zu mit Pibella Travel

Train toilets are easy now with this stand to pee devie STP. Pibella is easy, fast and clean. Many thanks. Pibella for all women ! Ingrid

Peeing in the train toilet with feminine urination device

Easy pee in the train with Pibella Travel

Dear Pibella-Team, Peeing in the train toilet with feminine urination device Pibella is very easy. And clean (:- Many thanks for the best female urination device ever Belinda T., USA Florida

The Pibella was our tester’s favorite FUD for long-distance backpacking or peeing discreetly



FUDs are funnels that let women pee standing up. We tried most brands to report back on the pros and cons of each model. Plus: Tips on how to use them. Best use: Long distance backpacking or peeing discreetly Tester notes: “As a long-distance backpacker, I prioritize size, weight, reliability, and durability over everything else, and that’s why the Pibella is my number one pick. It is nearly weightless, small enough to fit in the hip-pocket of my pack, and made from a hard plastic that seems to withstand a lot of abuse. It’s also incredibly discreet. The Pibella is different than the other FUDs in one major way: The side of the device that meets your body is almost as small as the spout on the other end. In other words, you’re peeing into a straw. That visual is enough to discomfort most ladies who don’t want wet hiking pants, but I wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t also miraculously work. The end of the Pibella which meets your body inserts just enough to feel reassuring but not invasive: You will know beyond a doubt when it’s in the right spot to work. At the beginning of my trials, I was certain this would leak, but by the end my thinking had reversed. There’s a bigger learning curve, but I think it’s well worth getting acquainted with the Pibella when it comes time to head out on the trail.” -


See more at: BACKPACKER Magazine USA

(Deutsch) Bauchtanz und Pibella Travel Device


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I pee free from the tree with Pibella urinary device


Pibella is the best female urinary device ever. Greetings from the tree, Valerie W.

Completely dry in morning with this urination device

Pibella Comfort


I received my order last week. My mother has already started using Pibella Comfort, and she is completely dry in the morning! We are so happy with this urination device.

Thank you very much for the fast delivery.

Warm Regards, Ann T. and Mother

Pibella with extra zipper bags

Pibella green with blue bag


Got the product today. I’m so surprised that it comes with extra zipper bags. It works well (as expected). Thank you.

Petra, USA

(Deutsch) Jedes Mädchen sollte sofort lernen mit Pibella umzugehen.


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Pibella Urination Device works great with MS


I purchased this, it works great! I have MS and this allows me to go to the bathroom without having to squat while hiking, paddling, skiing, and biking. Also we must think about the TICK infestation, I know of 2 women who had ticks in and very close to their vaginas. I have tried other products that are similar, this one is the one I recommend to all my friends. Deborah F.

Urination device for Wheelchair and Powerchair

Pibella Comfort


I am a user of both the comfort and the travel Pibella (for to pee while sitting in my powerchair, wheelchair). I have trialled a few urinary devices in the my time and by far by far by far,

your product is superior!

I have introduced it to facebook page of women who also have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. Thanks for creating such a wonderful, life expanding product. Very grateful.

Kind regards Rebecca from Australia

(Deutsch) Die blase drückt – PIBELLA!

Die Blase drückt - PIBELLA!

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(Deutsch) (Español) Pibella, super genial!

Pibella Travel Pink

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(Deutsch) Einfache und geniale Erfindung

Pibella green with blue bag

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Happy with Pibella!


Hola, soy Carmen

Encantada con Pibella. Buen material. Mi pareja lo pilló a la primera. Es muy muy cómodo para salir de excursión y para baños públicos. Sin duda lo recomendaré a todas mis amistades. Sigan así!

Saludos desde España, Carmen

… check out my video!

The Feminine Urination Device Pibella works like a charm

Das Frauenurinal Pibella funktioniert wie von selbst

Pibella is easy to use and this FUD (feminine urination device) works like a charm. Greetings Bea

Pibella, best female urination device for me!

The Feminine Urination Device Pibella works like a charm

For me Pibella is the best female urination device! Fast, discreet, hygienic… and with pants up!

Peestop with Pibella Travel on a Biketour


best thing ever for biking, Pibella Travel!

For working too! The Urinary System Pibella is perfect


When I go for work, I have the Pibella Travel with me! This urination device is great and I can keep on my clothes.


The Stand to pee device Pibella is great


Hello I love the STP Device Pibella. It is great for women! Best greetings Gisela, Germany

I’m just thrilled: Pibella!


Hello I have discovered the Pibella urinal at Globetrotter & I’m just thrilled !!! Thank you for making us women as independent (-: With Pibella standing pee as a woman easily.

Love Mona Germany

Pibella is the best stand to pee device STP


As promised, here is another picture using my Pibella pee tube in the mountains with harness (glacier). Pibella is the best stand to pee device STP! Many thanks!!

Pibella ist the best S.T.P. Stand to Pee Device ever!


Hi I love your F.U.D.!!! Just bought one for my sister. I understand that if I send you a photo of me and my Pibella Travel, I will get one free. Here is the photo from the best S.T.P. Stand to Pee Device ever! Thanks so much for Pibella. I have been telling others how great it is. It’s liberating!!

Anna from Canada

Pibella Feminine Urination Device with harness


As for my experience of Pibella Feminine Urination Device, I find it very useful in the mountains : I wear a harness that can’t be taken off for security reasons and I’m roped up with other people (which prevents me from privacy).

Before having a Pibella, I used to prevent myself from drinking as much as needed in order to sort out the pee-issue (which is a very very bad solution). Also I find it easy to use, and I just needed a few trials at home before using Pibella when mountaineering.

In addition of the usefulness of a Pibella, I’m kind of proud to pee standing like guys and find it funny to get some original pictures of it : so I will probably send you more pictures in a near future ! Feel free to publish my Pibella picture if you want!

Pibella is the best Female Urination device S.F

(Deutsch) Eine Pibella kaufen war die beste Entscheidung

I love Pibella! Easy to use urination device

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

I love Pibella! Easy to use urination device


Dear Pibella , I have received my Pibella Travel and love it! This urination device is so easy to use and very lightweight. I will be recommending Pibella to others and taking it on all of my travel adventures. Thanks again! Antonia

Bedridden daughter – the Pibella urination system helps

Pibella Comfort Female-Urination-Device for bedridden woman

Hi Pibella Team

I have bought several Pibella Comfort, they are for my daughter who is severly ill in Myalgisc Encephalommyelitis (which means inflammation in the brain and muscles) and she is totally bedridden since almost a year.

Without the Pibella urination system her life would be much more difficult (and also mine – I am the only carer) so thank you for this product and thank´s again for the extra tubes and lids!

Kind regards, Elvira USA

Pipella – the perfect peeing device for every Pippi Longstocking!

Sie hat schon einige erfolgreiche Einsätze hinter sich.

Dear Pibella Team

Please find attached my personalPibella picture.

Pibella Travel is the perfect urination device for women and has been in use successfully several times!

Already as a child I was a Pippi Longstocking and have had the dream to pee standing up ever since. The “Pippi-Pibella” is perfect and just the right accessory for every Pippi Longstocking!

I would be very grateful if you were able to send the complimentary Pibella Travel to the address below /…/.

Warm regards from Pippi

(Deutsch) Pibella: eine geniale Urinierhilfe für Frauen.

Pibella: eine geniale Urinierhilfe fuer Frauen.

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(Deutsch) Aufgrund sehr guter Bewertungen im Internet gekauft: Pibella Travel

Pibella Travel

(Deutsch) Eine bahnbrechenden Erfindung


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I recommend the female pee funnel Pibella


I am a proud user of the Pibella, the best female urination device!

I travel a lot and always look forward to using the Pibella urinating system. It’s also great when I’m on holiday! Dirty toilets don’t bother me anymore. This urination system is the only one that allows me to keep my pants and trousers on. My buttocks remain covered. I also stay completely dry and I can actually wipe off the last drop. Afterwards, I only have to shake the tube out and put it back into the bag. Well-designed from start to finish. Thank you for this great product!

Karina Y.

“Stand to pee” with Pibella Urinal is great for women


I have tried other urination devices, but your Pibella urinal is undoubtedly better. I was surprised by the ease of use and outstanding functioning. I will certainly advertise the pee device Pibella, hoping that other people like me can appreciate it. “Stand to pee” with Pibella is great and I recommend it all women on this world :-)

My best regards Calima, Italy

The female urination device Pibella is great while standing and also sitting!


With love, from the worst railway line in Italy! On a train (without bathrooms) which takes almost two hours to cover 50km, a Pibella urinal and a bottle are a boon :)

I must congratulate you for a great product. Surely you already know, but I wanted to say it anyway. Pibelle is the great female urination device while standing and sitting (see my picture).

I live in Italy. I’m a commuter, to go from home to work and back takes me over 7 hours, and the bathrooms are missing or they suck. As for spite, I need to go to the bathroom very often! :) I’m pretty fat (ehm… ok, I’m obese!!) and I find it difficult to lie down.

I tried six different products, some do not go, some go pretty well. The Pibella device is the only one that gives me the 100% security and peace of mind. I know that when I really need it so much, do not risk going out with wet pants :)

It is easy to learn to use Pibella, and it is perfectly effective even for a person chubby like me! :D

Saluti dall’Italia! Kamila

An improvement for all

Pibella in Gebrauch in der aarReha Schinznach

Pibella, an improvement for all!

One of our patients used Pibella during the period she was hospitalized in our hospital. We became interested and tested Pibella on 8 women. We first prepared and informed them about the use of the product, which took away much of the skepticism and fear. Our patients are hip- and knee TP patients, between 55-90 years of age. All patients used previously the bedpan. At first some older patients were a little uncomfortable placing the Pibella; however this was solved once they became more familiar with Pibella. After the patients started trusting the device, and finding out that it really works without leaking, our test patients embraced the product after only 2-4 uses; the oldest lady being 90 years…

After this test we immediately implemented Pibella in our daily care routine, and receive very positive reactions. Partly because of our own enthusiasm, and our detailed instructions to the patient, they now apply the system at the first time by themselves.

Advantages for our personnel: No spillage of urine, no need for lifting patient/carer…back does not get strained, Time saving, Patient becomes more independent (less need for caregiver), Ease of use, Everything stays dry, nothing spills, less hectic and stress, patient is more satisfied

Advantages for our patients: No pain (pressure) during use, compared to bedpan, stress free urination while lying, after a few times patient can do it themselves, ease of use, body and bed stays dry, less tiring then using bedpan, patient feels much better

Important points to use Pibella successfully: Caregivers need to know the instructions and pass this on, caregiver must be convinced of the product, to also convince the patient, patient should be informed first about the advantages of using Pibella, be patient when learning to use the device, retry after mishaps

We are convinced about this product and will use Pibella wherever possible in the future, as we had such positive experiences.

Rolf Strässler, Care manager, aarReha schinznach, Schinznach-Bad, Switzerland

For my travel

Pibella Travel

Dear Sirs

I have just received a parcel containing my Pibella. That was really fast – a delivery to Austria in three days, great!

At first, I have to admit that I didn’t have the courage to order a Pibella because I originally thought it was only something for people in need of care. Now I am extremely glad to own a Pibella Urination Device. Due to the fact that I travel and I am outdoors a lot, I now have the possibility to relieve myself in an uncomplicated fashion. No more helpless crouching behind bushes!

I would like to thank you for this invention. I hope that many more women, whether healthy or ill, will also have the opportunity to use Pibella.

Kind regards

Anna L. Schönau, Austria

Best marks

Pibella Travel

Here is my brief feedback:

Your Pibella female urination device is excellent. The usage is simple and thorougly uncomplicated. The only hurdle I had to clear was initially getting used to it in my mind. It took a bit of getting used to but didn’t pose any problems whatsoever.

From my point of view, this product gets top marks! I think every woman should use Pibella.

Yours sincerely

D. Uebersax

Pibella Urinal is just brilliant!!!

Pibella Travel

Pibella is just brilliant!!!

I used this „Pibella pee funnel“ every day on a skiing tour and I didn‘t have to take one piece of clothing off.

The group was amazed by the product and many women said they will purchase a Pibella urination device, too. Nowadays, I keep it the pocket of my hiking trousers.

Brigitt Stettler, Switzerland

It’s very easy to use, I am happy with Pibella

Pibella Travel

I’ve used my Pibella Travel quite a lot and I’m very happy with it. It’s very easy to use, without any complications whatsoever. The shape matches perfectly, hence I had no problems at all. It proves to be a great device in public toilets. Perfect pee funnel for a standig or sitting position :-)

Kind regards Sandra Keil, Germany

Empirical study recommends Pibella (University of Applied Sciences, St. Gallen, Switzerland)


„Introducing the Pibella urination system to healthcare institutions is useful and desirable. This urination device is also suitable for pregnant women and outdoor activities.“

FHS St.Gallen – Recommend by the Institute for Applied Nursing Science at the University of Applied Sciences following an empirical study – 2010/11

Pibella is wonderful!

Pibella Travel

Pibella is wonderful and the pefect female urination device (FUD)

Here, I would like to communicate the following statement to my friends in a special forum for people with MS who unfortunately always suffer from an outrageous instable bladder condition:

„I didn’t actually want to open a new thread about urination. But I would however like to clarify the following: after intensive research work …, no, in actual fact, in a very quick and simple manner: I put aside the P-mates and ordered a pink Pibella „from the universe“ – and it exceeds all my expectations. It doesn’t crumple at all because it is made of plastic, it is dishwasher-safe and ergonomically perfect – I would love to have one made of gold. I will definitely keep an eye on this wish. I would be even happier if I could find a „lovely“ sponsor … It doesn’t really matter if that doesn’t come true immediately! I can easily make do with the pink model, and I will now order a green one, too. And just for fun, I now aim at the begonias on my balcony, or at the peppermint. Right on target.

Now that’s what I call a great summer!“

Best regards from a grateful customer

I recommend your unique urination system in my high-altitude medical guidebook

Pibella Travel

Prof. Dr. Klaus Mees recommends Pibella the femal uriniation device

The fact that women increasingly head for higher destinations means that there is a need for advice which especially covers the female anatomy. After testing your compact and easy to handle Pibella models which worked immediately (without spilling a single drop), I can recommend your unique urination system, also in my high-altitude medical guidebook!

Prof. Dr. Klaus Mees, high-altitude physiologist, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

Book: Höhentrekking und Höhenbergsteigen, ISBN 978-3-7654-5493-6,

Publishing house: www.bruckmann.de

Once the initial concerns are overcome, happiness prevails


The Pibella female urination device is convenient for nursing care. Once the initial concerns are overcome, happiness prevails – gone is the feeling of regret that women have never had the opportunity to become acquainted with this system a lot earlier. Especially in terms of nursing care, Pibella Comfort presents new opportunities: a urination system that makes the daily lives of both the patients and the nurses a lot easier – cleanly and without getting wet. I have tested the system myself and I am impressed. It takes some effort – at first I couldn’t let go and I was in doubt if it would work. – But it did! The patients at the hospital who were informed about Pibella couldn’t believe that the system hasn’t become a standard aid a long time ago!

I am absolutely convinced of this urination system because of the fact that its application is worthwhile – evident time saving, reduction of falls, cost savings and decisively more well-being for all patients. Further, the knowledge about Pibella is very important for nursing care at home, especially with regard to the ageing of the population – although this still remains a taboo subject.

I took Pibella Travel with me on my trip to Asia, and I travelled in a carefree manner.“

Doris von Siebenthal, nursing care expert, Cantonal Hospital Baden, Switzerland


Simple and ingenious this FUD Pibella (female urination device)!

Pibella Travel

Simple and ingenious! I have tried many female urination devices but Pibella is the only product that leaves me absolutely dry and allows me to keep my trousers and underwear on. I automatically used the product the correct way. Due to the material, Pibella remains clean even without rinsing. Just shake it, put it in the sealing bag and use it again. Great! Christine Rast, Zurich, Switzerland

Pibella is the perfect female urination device for me

Pibella Travel

The Pibella urination device is simply ingenious. I have had great experiences using it! As a woman, I can now relieve myself standing up while my clothes hide everything else :-) Pibella Urinal is very easy to use which is why I highly recommend Pibella to all women. At first, I tried it under the shower ;-)

Kind regards Yvette Hess

Diese Pibella Pipihilfe macht mir das Leben im Rollstuhl viel leichter / Wheelchair

Pibella Travel

Soon in English

Ich bin mit der Pibella Travel sehr zufrieden und bestelle deshalb gerne noch ein zweites Exemplar, damit ich sowohl zu Hause als auch auswärts versorgt bin. Ich bin nämlich Rollsstuhlfahrerin und deshalb immer davon abhängig, ob ich irgendwo eine entsprechende Toilette finde. Diese Pibella Urinierhilfe für Rollstuhlfahrerin macht für mich das Leben viel leichter. Mit freundlichem Gruss Siskaia Teiler

I didn’t know about it until yesterday

Pibella Travel

When I got to the category „Health“ in the AZ newspaper yesterday, the innovative photograph really stood out: I just had to carefully examine the report titled „A small tube for dripless peeing in the field of nursing care and on travels“.

Before I continued reading the paper, I had to visit your website first. Immediately after collecting the information I required, I submitted my order to you!

And only 24 hours later I am now able to try it out for the first time! Your invention is sensational!! It worked perfectly the very first time I tested it.

You just cannot imagine how happy I am about this invention and how happy my entire family will be when they won’t have to wait for hours on the ski slopes until I have taken off and put back on 5 layers of clothes in order to go to the toilet (I think we will be able to do at least 4 to 5 runs more per day!).

It’s a great shame that you hardly advertise such a great invention. For example, I didn’t know anything about it until yesterday.

And I also think it’s a shame that your website mainly addresses sick people and those in need of care. There are indeed a lot of young women with a bladder weakness (especially after giving birth) and who desperately (almost to the point of having tears in their eyes) look for toilets because they cannot go for a pee behind a tree in a discreet manner. When in public, a woman needs a great deal more courage to let her trousers down, even if she is behind a tree!

I wish you the best of success

Kind and grateful regards

Sandra Bachmann

I have had many good experiences with the Pibella pee funnel


Dear Pibella team

I think the Pibella urination device is amazing – I have already recommended it to all my friends. I have had many good experiences which led to me giving Pibella the best rating. Please find attached a “Pibella in action photograph” – I now look forward to receiving 1 free green Pibella Travel. ♥

Best regards

Christina P.

Pibella is brilliant

thumbs_Female-Urination-Device-standing-up_PIBELLA-TRAVEL_Frau-im stehen

I used the Pibella female urination device a couple of times on holiday and I think it is brilliant for all women! :-D

Best regards

Gerstl Martina

The Pibella urinal worked perfectly the first time

Pibella Travel

I recently tried Pibella Travel for the first time.

Thank you very much for Pibella, the best urinal for me!!! It worked perfectly the first time I used this female urination device.

Best regards

Judith Blasser

All of my female friends will get one

Ideale Masse der Pibella Urinierhilfe für Frauen Perfect size for the

Simply awesome!

All of my female friends will get one.

Best regards

Isabelle Wenger

I am enthusiastic about this device


Thank you for the quick delivery. I am enthusiastic about this device.

It will surely prove to be helpful when I am on the road.

Thanks a lot and kind regards, Anke Bruderer

Pibella, a good experience


Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung. Ich finde das Pipi-Röhrchen Pibella klasse! Habe es sofort ausprobiert und konnte es fast nicht glauben, dass es wirklich so problemlos funktioniert. Also eine gute Erfahrung für mich!

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen angenehmen Start in die neue Woche und viele Bestellungen.

Eveline S. DE

(Deutsch) Wirklich gelungen!


Pibella is a great urination system!

Physio Team kg-neuland


My name is Astrid Landmesser, and I am a physiotherapist from Erkelenz. I am specialised in treating patients who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction. www.kg-neuland.de

I became acquainted with Pibella at a urological conference in Aachen, and I was immediately struck by this simple pee tube. Being able to relieve myself while standing up is perfect for women, especially on hikes in forests or in the mountains … it takes a bit of practice, but it does work without any problems whatsoever. Pibella is always in my backpack!

I have also recommended Pibella to my patients. Whoever feels an increased and compelling urge to urinate or is afraid of getting stuck in a traffic jam, then Pibella is absolutely ideal with its urine bag or even simply using a bottle. This means you have no trouble at all relieving yourself in the car. Even though it requires a bit of practice, it definitely works, and, above all, it helps to remove the pressure that you may not make it to the next service area in time.

I wish you success! Pibella is a great system!

Astrid Landmesser


Praxis; Krefelder Str. 5, 41812 Erkelenz, Deutschland


The simplest one for me


I received your Pibellas, the simplest one for me, works like a charm. I love the fact that urine does not get all over me when I use it.

Marvelous invention. Perfect Urination Device for Women! Thank you so much.

Jane, Admin Nursing Supervisor, USA

Pibella is part of my equipment


Thanks for this great idea! It will ease some painful situations.

I was faced with and will be faced with again while travelling in Asia. Pibella is part of my equipment. It is a great female urination device!

Thanks a lot for your help, Doris, Paris, France

The female urinating device Pibella is a wonderful alternative


In terms of nursing care, Pibella definitely proves to be a wonderful alternative. A friend of mine brought my attention to Pibella and asked me – I am a nursing care expert at a surgical ward – if we could also include Pibella in our range of products. After observing the usage procedure on the Internet, I was immediately interested and therefore ordered one.

After receiving the product, I tested it and immediately realised that I felt secure using Pibella, despite the fact that one or two trials in an undisturbed environment are necessary. The small, anatomical docking orifice is perfect, even though this may be hard to believe at first. Equipped with this new knowledge, I visited all the team meetings of our six wards and showed Pibella to the nurses. It is now available in all our wards.

A majority of the nurses wanted to experience Pibella themselves, which led them to order one for their own private use. Due to their own enthusiasm, they were able to overcome any inhibition whatsoever and thus present Pibella to the patients as well as explain its advantages to them! Patients who use Pibella are very happy and grateful because they are able to relieve themselves in an independent, intimate and comfortable manner. They are glad that they do not have to use the cold and uncomfortable bedpan. Apart from the patient satisfaction, the nurses are now able to protect their backs during work – notably in the case of obese patients who do not have to be lifted anymore. Furthermore, only one nurse is now needed to assist a patient to relieve him- or herself – something that is normally impossible when using a bedpan. It is also important to mention the fact that the risk of falling is also reduced. From my point of view, I am really glad that I didn’t have to do without Pibella during my mountain trekking trip in Thailand! It is clear to me that Pibella is an ingenious product and a major achievement for women!

Brigitte Wittwer, Nursing Care Expert, University Hospital of Berne, Switzerland

(Deutsch) Ich bin hell begeistert von diesem Pibella Pinkelrohr!


(Deutsch) Beste Erfahrungen im Urlaub mit dem Pibella Pinkelröhrchen gemacht

Pibella Travel Pink

Great at all the unappetizing motorway service areas

Pibella Travel

A big „Hi“ to you all in the Canton of Aargau

Reorder: This „thing“ is absolutely sensational!!! I have tried mine and would now like to order one for my children and my mother. The fourth one is another one for me – I will leave it in the car … Pibella is just great at all the unappetizing motorway service areas!!

Best regards :-)

Sabine B. from Basel

Pibella has got another fan

Pibella Travel

Shortly before the weekend, I received the confirmation that the sample kit had arrived. I have already tested Pibella Travel – and it works like a dream! From now on, Pibella has got another fan, I would like to help spread the word in order for it to become more well-known ;-)

Kind regards from Niederrhein, Germany

Silja Thiller

I have been waiting for this many years

Pibella Travel

Your invention is sensational. Congratulations! As a woman who likes to travel, I have been waiting for this for many years.

Best regards

Brigitte Gans

Congratulations on your invention pee funnel Pibella

Pibella Travel

Congratulations on your invention Pibella pee funnel. After reading about it in today’s newspaper, I found it quite amusing because of the fact that when I was seven years old, I found it quite unfair that the boys were so “comfortably equipped”. Back then (approx. 50 years ago), I thought that someone should invent a device in order for girls to be able to urinate standing up. I envisioned a little tube – but I didn’t have any idea how to fasten it. I didn’t pursue the project any further. :-)

In the meantime, I have come to terms with my own anatomy; I must say that I am especially happy that your product will help bedridden patients. And also that it will now be possible to fulfull my childhood wish when I go walking or anywhere else when it will come in handy.

Maja Speer

Thanks to Pibella the patients self-esteem is restored

Pibella Urinierhilfe bei Vitassist

My name is Theresia Gerber, and I am a caretaker for the company Vitassist „Läb dehei“ („Live at home“) in Lenzburg. I work with many sick, old or handicapped people. During this activity, going to the toilet or not being able to do so is more than often a large issue. For men, it is not such a problem because they have a convenient urine bottle. But for women, it has always been a complicated matter. With the help of this great „Pibella“, a fantastic aid is now available for women. As a caretaker, I have had great experiences with it – especially with a completely spastic paralysed lady who unfortunately cannot move any extremities except her head. Lying down, she is able to urinate every day using Pibella, and without any strain on either her or my behalf. For me as a caretaker, it is very uncomplicated and easy to place the fine invention „Pibella – Comfort with a collectin bag“ between the the labia. The feedbacks from my patients are consistently good because they find it very pleasant. And because there are no pressure points or other unpleasant feelings. A further advantage is the fact that „Pibella“ is repeatedly reusable because it can be cleaned in a simple manner. The sheets also remain absolutely dry due to the precise handling of the system. It is impossible to use a bedpan for a spastic paralysed woman. Without „Pibella“, the lady would always have to urinate in diapers or painstakingly have to be put into another bed to use a toilet using the patient lift, which is very time-consuming and unpleasant for the patient because it causes pain more often than not. Therefore, we are all very grateful for the fact that „Pibella Comfort“ exists because no insurance company will pay for the significant extra-time used for relocation. This means that the patients would be forced to urinate in diapers. Even if these diapers are very good nowadays, it is still discriminating not to be able to urinate externally. Thanks to „Pibella“, the patients’ self-esteem is restored.

It is highly convenient that both Pibellas can be used either by oneself or by an assistant in a simple manner.

Personally, I always carry Pibellas with me in order to be prepared at all times. I CAN ONLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL WOMEN!

Kind regards and have a nice weekend

Theresia Gerber, Vitassist „Läb dehei“, “live at home”, Lenzburg, Switzerland

Pibella allows me to stay clean and dry

Pibella Travel

I am a fan of your product. It doesn’t miss a single drop, and it is also very user-friendly. I have tried other models in the past, but I was always wet between the legs. Pibella allows me to stay clean and dry. Just shake out the tube afterwards, then back into the small plastic bag. Due to the fact that there are hardly any remains, I don’t even need to rinse it out. And there is no odour either. I do however rinse it out from time to time. By the way, I wash Pibella in the washing machine together with my hot-water laundry at 90° C ;-)

I use Pibella during my free-time and I am extremely grateful for your invention. How must women with illnesses feel???

Once again: Thank you very much!

Brigitte from Sweden

Great as a gift


Thank you for your kind feedback. The reorder has already arrived and now I can start giving my presents to some friends of mine ;-D

I would be glad to recommend Pibella to my friends at work. I really think more women should get to know about such a great product!!

Lots of success for your wonderful product.

Kindest regards from Basel.

Sandra Bühler, Switzerland

Also helpful for ill and handicapped people


Thank you very much for the documents and the quick delivery. I have already tested the Travel System and I am highly enthusiastic about this possibility. – This way, dirty toilets no longer poses a problem when I am out and about. I also see this system as a very helpful device for ill and handicapped people. I will definitely recommend Pibella during my courses and maybe even resell them. Thank you very much and kind regards

Esther Wintsch, Trainer for kinaesthetics in nursing

moving care Erbsackerweg 15 5303 Würenlingen, Switzerland Tel. 0041 56 281 10 15


Pibella is a wonderful invention


Pibella is a wonderful invention! The device is ingenious on hikes with a heavy rucksack, on travels and in toilets other than at home. I am already looking forward to using it in wintertime when it is icy cold – when I won’t have to take off any clothes …

I will gladly inform my girlfriends, too. Pibella is the perfect urination device for women.

Thanks a lot, I wish you every success!

Susanna, Switzerland

We are just happy that Pibella exists!

Pibella Comfort

We are just so happy that Pibella exists.

My wife Käthi is a complex nursing case due to the complete paralysis of her entire body (Locked-in syndrome). Finding the right position is especially challenging because she is able to feel every fibre of her body, and she knows exactly what is right for her. She is only partly under control when she has to urinate or defecate. As soon as she feels the urge, it usually has to happen very quickly in order to be successful. Relocating to the shower- and wc-wheelchair is also a highly complex matter; and handling the „potty or bedpan“ can also be uncomfortable and time-consuming. For this situation, Pibella is a most welcome aid due to the fact that urinating can be done in a lying position. After relieving oneself, the urine can be disposed of in a comfortable manner, and only a quick cleaning procedure then becomes necessary.

Because my wife cannot use her arms and legs, the nurses must position Pibella themselves. After a bit of practice – which is well worthwhile for all people involved – not a drop goes aside. Pibella is a huge help for all of us. We never want to be without it because it greatly helps to facilitate all of our procedures. Furthermore, the people involved in taking care of Käthi do not come up against their limits as much as before using Pibella, and they also experience less backache.

As you can see, our entire situation is not easy at all, but Pibella is one of those things that helps make our lives a bit easier. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the inventors of Pibella.

Stefan & Käthi – complete paralysis of the entire body (Locked-in syndrome)

Any kind of false shame is not at all necessary


Pibella, a wonderful urination system also for women affected by MS! As a woman who has been affected by MS for many years – in the meantime a bit more corpulent and reliant on a wheelchair and care – Pibella Comfort is a huge gift.

I really hope and wish that all people working in the health sector recommend Pibella to their patients and the relatives affected. Any kind of false shame is not at all necessary.

We are absolutely enthralled by Pibella – therefore, my husband and I would like to recommend this wonderful aid to everyone.

Many thanks for this ingenious invention.

Esther Buchs – a woman affected by MS

(Deutsch) Wir empfehlen Urinierhilfe Pibella den Frauen in unserer Praxis für Reisemedizin

Pibella@Reisemedizin AT

Soon in English. Wir empfehlen die sinnvolle Urinierhilfe Pibella den Frauen in unserer Praxis für Reisemedizin.

Beste Grüsse aus Innsbruck, Österreich

Dr. Christina Jamnig und Dr. Anton Petter


I should have ordered one a long time ago

I received my Pibella this morning and I would like to thank you for the quick delivery. I will be embarking upon a trekking tour next week and I have already used it several times today. Your invention is truly ingenious; I should have ordered one a long time ago.

Best regards and thank you very much

Carola Bamberger, Germany

It works without any problem at all

Thank you for the delivery. As a matter of fact, it works without any problem at all! I will take my Pibella with me when I go on my trip. Just imagining Pibella with me on my trip has already helped me overcome my fear of Indian squat toilets … thank you for this highly practical invention and kind regards from Germany!

Jacqueline Fuchs

I can fully recommend both products

Pibella Comfort Female-Urination-Device for bedridden woman

After a major operation, Pibella Comfort and Pibella Travel were a great help. I can fully recommend both products!

Renate Andermatt, “midwife”

Prevent falls


Maintain and improve the quality of life, give patients more independence and well-being, prevent falls – these goals can be achieved with Pibella which is why I recommend it with great conviction.

Jutta Bisaz, nursing care expert HöFa II

Pibella has my enthusiasm

Pibella has my enthusiasm and gratitude.

Pajkanovic Svetlana B1 – Nurse – Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna – Lucerne, Switzerland

Pibella offers an alternative to the bedpan

Pibella Urinierhilfe bei FHS St. Gallen

We know just how much the patients hate the bedpan, and that many actually drink a lot less or nothing at all in order not to have to use it. Pibella now offers an alternative to the bedpan.

Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Panfil – Head of the Institue for Health Care Sciences – University of Applied Sciences – St. Gallen, Switzerland


For innovative, humane and sensitive performances in function and form, a renowned and independent jury of experts from the rehabilitation and design sectors as well as the TÜV (German technical inspectorate) honour Pibella Travel and Pibella Comfort with the: REHACARE DESIGN AWARD 2008/2009

Prof Dr Peter Zec –Senator of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, Montreal and Rehacare Trade Fair Düsseldorf Germany

Introduction in healthcare institutions is practical

The introduction of Pibella in healthcare institutions is practical and desirable. It is also suitable for pregnant women and outdoor activities.

FHS St.Gallen – University of Applied Sciences – empirical study 2010

Every woman should be informed

Pibella Urinierhilfe bei Uniklinik Aachen

Such an ingenious aid should be a joyous naturalness in healthcare as well as in the outdoor activities sector. Every woman should be informed about Pibella without any kind of false shame.

PD Dr. med. Ruth Kirschner-Hermanns – Head of the Continence Centre – Interdisciplinary field of urology, gynaecology and general surgery – University Hospital Aachen Germany

Wonderful development


Many thanks for Pibella. It is a truly wonderful development. It only took two attempts in order to feel secure using Pibella. The third attempt proved to work perfectly. As I travel a lot, it is a relief not having to use a dirty toilet again. This is very nice for healthy people. I can imagine just how helpful it must be for bedridden women. It is great to know that there are people who invest so much time and energy in this project. I am much obliged to you! I will surely recommend Pibella to others.

Jutta Wittkopp, Brenden, Germany



To whom it may concern

Pibella Travel is very good, and I will recommend it to others!

Kind regards from Germany

Ursula W., Essen, Deutschland

It works great


Feedback from Mississippi: Hey, I used my Pibella, it works great! I peed in bottle the other night so I wouldn’t have to come out of room. It went off without a hitch!” Greetings from Mississippi, Karen

The product is great

I love Pibella! Easy to use urination device

PS: the product is great – I am absolutely thrilled with it. :-)

Best regards

Anna H., Konstanz, Germany


Thank you very much – I got my Pibella two days ago! That was very quick indeed! And it works perfectly! An amazing thing!

How did I hear about Pibella? I recently went to a festival where there was a urination system made of cardboard. That was my first experience with this kind of system. Just a pity that it was intended for a single use only (unnecessary garbage, nevertheless great for a festival). I then found Pibella on the Internet and just had to order one … that’s how I found out about it.

Thanks once again for the fast delivery and your straightforwardness!

Jasmin K., Berlin, Germany

Insider present


Our customers particularly appreciate their Pibella products during the warm months when they are out in the nature and on travels as well as when they are confronted with dirty toilets. In the meantime, Pibella has also become an “insider” present to girlfriends.

Best regards Claudine Reinecke – babyträume – ökologisch natürlich schön, Textilhandel GmbH, Essen, Germany

It is very easy to handle


In the meantime, I have received my Pibella and I have already tried it out: As probably most, if not all your customers, I am very happy with it! It is very easy to handle and also highly intuitive – after 2 or 3 times, it succeeds effortlessly. Even my 86 year old mother-in-law – who got the second one – manages very well with your product and she is also very happy with it.I wish you every success with your product. I will warmly recommend Pibella to everyone I know! I would also like to thank you once ebozavr.com again for your goodwill regarding the order.

Best regards Beate Woeste, Germany

(Deutsch) Träumte schon als Mädchen davon

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français and Deutsch.

I am genuinely impressed by this “wee-wee funnel Pibella” for women

women pee standing up in urinal with Pibella F.U.D. Frauen pinkeln im stehen in pissoir mit Pibella

Dear Pibella team

My friend Lindsey and I celebrated New Year’s Eve at a pub here in the vicinity. It was the first time we had our Pibella with us. Beforehand, we had practised in the shower.

I am genuinely impressed by this “wee-wee funnel” for women. Now, it’s so easy and safe to stand and pee. Furthermore, we were the main attraction in the men’s toilet! Despite having their eyes glued on us, the men couldn’t detect anything.

Thanks so much for this great invention! We recommend Pibella to every woman as an ingenious urination device – hence, we give it the best marks: 6 stars! :)

Yours sincerely

Emma Newman and Lindsey

Pibella – and the wheel chair. The most innovative product for women on the urination system market!

Karin Wolters with Pibella

My short story:

I am confined to a wheelchair and I use Pibella Comfort whenever necessary. I often use Pibella at night when it is too exhausting to get up.

Because I often travel by train, I’m glad I don’t have to use the dreadful train toilets – instead, I am able do everything in my wheelchair. Whenever I go on a bicycle tour with my handbike, I look for a quiet spot outdoors due to the fact that my 2.10 m long vehicle does not fit inside any toilet whatsoever.

When I want to visit my friends or go to a restaurant or participate in advanced training courses, there are hardly ever any disabled toilet facilities.

Thanks to Pibella Comfort, this is no longer a problem at all. The only thing I have to find is a place where I can use Pibella Comfort without any disturbance.

Until now, travelling by air has been the biggest problem for wheelchair users. No airline installs disabled toilet facilities in its aircraft. Everything is narrow and tight. Whenever I wanted to visit my sister in Canada, I always had to wear diaper pants on the long flight. Now, with a blanket over my lap, I can also use Pibella Comfort on an airplane.

With Pibella Comfort, I feel very relieved.

Karin M. Wolters, Germany

Pibella Urinals recommended by an outdoor pro

Pibella Travel für Swiss Greenland

On my expeditions, I always place my trust in „Pibella Travel“ and „Comfort“ the great female urinals. Both products are now a permanent part of my equipment. This will be the case once again on the upcoming „Swiss Greenland Expedition 2009“ from April 13 until June 16, 2009 when we aim to cross the island of Greenland.

Your product is simple and practical. Standing up, all I have to do is open my trouser zip. At night, I don‘t even have to get out of my sleeping bag and therefore can stay in the tent. I can only recommend both products to all women.

Sonja Meier from the „Swiss Greenland Expedition 2009“ team

Satisfied female pelvic floor experts

Pibella bei Beckenboden BeBo

All our BeBo® instructors in Switzerland and Germany are thrilled and satisfied with Pibella, both for affected customers as well as within prevention. Experience shows that a lot of daily inconveniences can be overcome in a simple manner.

After initial scepticism, I am now thoroughly convinced that we can present your products during our instruction and training courses.

Best regards

Judith Krucker, BeBo Fitness training, Zurich and Oberottmarshausen (Germany)

Pibella is a real relief and improvement of comfort

Pibella Urinieralternative für Frauen imGesundheitszentrum Fricktal

„ The Internal Medicine and Surgery departments are using Pibella every once in a while. We only have few suitable patients that are bedridden and need to urinate in bed because we try to mobilize everyone.

Because of less effort and sleep interruptions, Pibella is a real relief and improvement of comfort. Also there is less disruption in multiple bed rooms.

For the patients that can benefit from Pibella, we use it. By now, preconception and inhibitions are gone and the product is being used on the different wards.

Pibella will be successful if the patient can relax and fully trust this product. Most times this is easy and sometimes this is a little more complicated.

We found that reasons for mishaps are that women are not relaxed or because of curiosity. We have more and more success stories now and I am confident this will spread further.

Richard Studer, Healthcare center Fricktal, Hospital Laufenburg, Switzerland

Less pain in bed

Pibella Urinieralternative für Frauen im Krankenhaus Muri

Pibella is a very advantageous for patients with back problems, adipose patients and elderly women that are confined to bed and have difficulty turning.

While using Pibella these patients have less pain and less hassle then when the bedpan is used. Because of the ease of use it is also very beneficial and a help during night shifts.

Important are clear instructions to the patient; depending on the person, the caregiver may have to help placing the device initially.

Often the bedpan is offered because of routine, and the staff is not yet very familiar with this new product, so this needs to change.

Thanks to Pibella, a bedridden woman can finally get rid of the uncomfortable bedpan.

Ruth Engeler, Care manager, Kreisspital für das Freiamt (Hospital), Muri, Switzerland

For the first time I could urinate without pain!!

Pibella Comfort

So far I only used the bedpan, which often hurt me because of my hip operation. The lifting and often long time I had to sit on the bedpan was very uncomfortable.

So I tried Pibella after the Nurse proposed this to me. Her instructions were very clear, but I was doubtful that it would work.

The nurse took my hand and showed me exactly where to put Pibella. I am a little clumsy, so the first few times I leaked. After 2 other tries the nurse and I succeeded placing Pibella properly; it was wonderful!!! For the first time I could urinate without pain!! Also the nurse did not have to come that often anymore, because I could do it myself. She only needed to throw the bag out in the morning.

Esther K., Patient aarReha, Schinznach, Switzerland, 70 years

I use Pibella at night!

Pibella Comfort

The caregivers asked me if I would be willing to try Pibella. I am always in for novelties so I tried Pibella. The nurse showed me the instructions and that day I tried it, but I spilled some urine. After that the nurse helped me to put Pibella in place so I learned where to put it. Now I am completely excited and use it always at night. I have less pain now, because using the bedpan hurt my herniated disk.

Anna P., Patient aarReha, Schinznach, Switzerland, 60 years

First afraid, but it really works!


Patient: Initially, I was afraid of touching my genital area and positioning Pibella. Because the caregivers were so patient and informative, I was able reduce and overcome this fear. Also I was very scared the first time to allow myself to urinate, as I was worried that I would spill. But it really works! After 5 tries I could use Pibella by myself and I do not need to ring that often. I am very happy about the Pibella urination system.

Priska F., Patient aarReha, Schinznach, Switzerland, 67 years

A blessing and a relief

Pibella Comfort Female-Urination-Device for bedridden woman

“Because of an accident I was confined to hospitals and bed for several months. Besides all pains and worries, the use of the bedpan was extremely stressful and very uncomfortable.

I was fortunate to experiment with Pibella and it was a big relief for me.

With Pibella I was immediately more independent and as a woman felt much better.

In my normal job, as Care Station Manager in a home for elderly, I probably would not have given Pibella a second glance, because until I had to use the bedpan myself I would never have thought what an uncomfortable and stressful thing this is to my own patients.

One night, while I was using Pibella with great ease, I suddenly realized that I should spread the word to all people who work in Care, to bravely offer Pibella to their patients.

The first try really needs some sort of bravery, but after that the quality of life of the patients becomes so much better!

Since then I have recommended this product to many other women.

For me the invention of Pibella is a blessing!”

Ruth Egger, 58 years, Patient at Rehab-Clinic, aarReha, Schinznach, Schweiz, 2007 Station manager Care and Home for the Elderly

Pibella urination device – enhanced comfort – for corpulent women too!

Pibella Urinieralternative für Frauen im Krankenhaus Barmherzige Schwester

This innovative female urination system for women that, in its present version, has proved to be particularly suitable when lying down, offers enhanced comfort for those concerned. This product makes it possible to avoid the painstaking transfer of a patient to a bedpan.

The relatively slim Pibella is also easy to position for rather corpulent women, and only one caregiver is needed.

The unpleasant feeling of urine dripping over thighs and buttocks in a lying position is a thing of the past because it is directly diverted from the urethral opening.

Due to the anatomical shape of the docking orifice, a risk of injury is prevented, and those concerned do not find it disturbing.

The plastic bag that is attached collects the urine in a highly reliable manner. No slope is necessary, it can just be placed on the bed. It’s also very easy to empty the bag prior to desposal.

Multiple use of the docking orifice is especially practical und straightforward in terms of using it for care purposes at home.

Pibella presents a creative alternative to all previously known urination systems, offering pleasant comfort for those concerned and valuable relief for the caregivers.

Martina Steinbeiß, Continence and Stoma adviser

Hospital „Barmherzige Schwestern“, Linz, Austria

Austria, August 2007


Highly convinced of this alternative

Pibella Urinieralternative für Frauen im Spital Uster

We’ve been using Pibella in all our wards since February 2008. We’re highly convinced of this product.

Hospital Uster, Uster, Switzerland

Since 2008 in use

Pibella Urinieralternative für Frauen im Kantonsspital St.Gallen

We’ve been using Pibella in almost every ward since the beginning of 2008. It’s a compelling and very helpful product that we gladly recommend.

Canton Hospital St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland

The patients find it easier and better then the bedpan

Pibella Urinieralternative für Frauen im Kantonsspital Baden

It is known that patients worry about excretions during their stay in a hospital. For urinating you need to push the button; a high chance for wetting the bed and the uncomfortable use of the bedpan all are concerns. Unfortunately there are not many studies done on this problem.

The use of Pibella is simple, and works after overcoming initial reluctance this novel device, making it a clean, simple and quiet activity.

It is important that the caregiver instructs the patient clearly how Pibella works and that there are other, better things available then the painful bedpan.

So far we have noticed in our Hospital that when Pibella is used, the patients find it easier and better then the bedpan.

“Your skin does not get wet” is a frequent remark from the users, which is quite important because it makes the patient feel ashamed and uncomfortable.

Doris von Siebenthal, Care Expert Surgery Dept, Canton Hospital Baden AG, Baden, Switzerland

I can highly recommend Pibella

Pibella Urinieralternative für Frauen im Kantonsspital Baden

This innovative product gives women that need an aid while urinating in bed, big advantages and high-end care. Since the concept stage until commercialization, I have followed closely the development of this product. Pibella offers significant advantages. We use this simple and cost saving urinating device frequently for our female patients. Because of the positive results, and comments from our patients, I can highly recommend Pibella.

Prof. Dr. Jürg H. Beer, Chief of medical Clinic, Canton Hospital Baden AG, Baden, Switzerland

Pibella, the only female urination device that seals tightly!

Pibella Comfort

Gretha fell ill with CIDP in September 2006, which practically led to an entire loss of mobility. 18 months later, she went on a cycling trip for the first time again, and we also planned a canoeing and hiking trip to the Swedish Eastern Archipelago in the summer of 2008. BUT! The illness causes several unpleasant situations. For example if Gretha has to relieve herself – then it has to „happen“ immediately. This means that there is no time to wait.

We made no secret of this fact and set our travelling rhythm according to Gretha’s bladder. With some astonishment we discovered that there is a considerable number of fellow sufferers who, shamefacedly and with umpteen excuses and beating around the bush, really do suffer. We quickly realised that canoeing in the Archipelago would remain wishful thinking without a fully functioning urination system. We had to find a solution for the car journey as well as for the boat and the tent.

Initial research in relevant sports shops merely led to half-hearted solutions, none of them really favourable to women: hence, useless in terms of using them in the kayak, the car or the tent. Thanks to the Internet, Google and a bit of time, I eventually came across an invention by two Swiss men. Convinced by the functionality planned to the last detail and the simple application, we ordered a Pibella Comfort and Travel for test purposes. After trying it out for the first time, we knew straight away that our vacation in the Archipelago would finally become reality! But what makes the application so simple and uncomplicated?

All solutions provided on the market are relatively bulky, funnel-shaped objects that are externally positioned on the vulva by the woman and, depending on the anatomy and possibility, do not seal tightly. Therefore, they leave behind a wet environment and are awkward to transport. More often than not, one has to either partially undress or the handling is obtrusive. Pibella is the only solution that is positioned directly over the urethral orifice and that diverts the urine without interfering with the surroundings.

After practising a couple of times with Pibella Travel, Gretha was able to position „the thing“ as fast as I could get „my thing“ out of my trousers. She stands there just like a man, only to be recognised as a woman because of her hair cut. The question „go and see if anyone is coming“ is now a thing of the past. She can now go to the next tree, unfasten her trousers a bit, push her slip to one side and put Pibella Travel in its correct position. Afterwards, she can stow it away in the plastic bag provided with the set. The tube remains virtually dry thanks to the appropiate material, allowing for the urine to almost completely drip off. Until now, nighttime had also been an additional burden.

Leaving the warm sleeping bag in appalling weather conditions – often rain, and also walking across unfamiliar terrain, through branches and climbing over boulders with a headlamp – is not every woman’s cup of tea. In our case, it wasn’t so much a matter of just leaving the tent and entering natural surroundings. More often than not, she could just not hold it back, hence hardly having any time to get outside.

Pibella Comfort has a slightly modified geometry as opposed to Pibella Travel in order to comply with the female anatomy in lying and seated positions.

Gretha was able to thoroughly enjoy the Scandinavian sunsets and drink a glass or two of wine – without having to worry about how she would „survive“ the night … We were only able to go on holiday thanks to these two aids, as trivial as this may appear. After a short while, they became a natural part of our daily routine. Anybody smirking about the „two old folks“ ceased to do so within a very short time. We couldn’t however help but smile whenever we heard people unzipping their tents during the night.

We were out in the wild for just over two weeks, without hardly any contact to „civilisation“. We spent the rest of the time in our tent on camping sites or in beautiful spots far away from any sanitary buildings! During this time, Gretha only used one plastic bag, obviously cleaning it as well as the set in a hygienic manner.

We can safely say that we have finally found the perfect solution for the car journey, the boat trip as well as for camping purposes! Thanks to Pibella, we have gained more quality of life!

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the inventors of this product.

Urs and Gretha Steiner, Germany

Convenient at festivals

I always take Pibella with me to festivals due to the fact that the toilets are generally quite dirty. My friends also think it is a very practical appliance.

Helène Bursin, Switzerland

A blessing for women

I had to take a deep breath the first time I used it, but soon afterwards Pibella became very easy to use which leads me to say that it is a blessing for women. At long last – the time is right for this device. Today‘s modern woman is keen on sports, on the move and adventurous. I would like to thank everybody who helped develop Pibella and contribute towards its distribution.

Best regards

Doris Pfister, Germany

Cycle racing and triathlon / best with Pibella

I am a racing cyclist and hobby triathlete. I‘ve tried Pibella Travel and I‘m very enthusiastic about it. Whenever I train, Pibella is always in my jersey pocket. At first, it took a bit of patience to learn to use the Pibella device properly. But I have to say that it was worthwhile the practise. Pibella Travel is a highly practical female urination solution because it works while standing.

Taking clothes off has now become a thing of the past; the same applies to any contact whatsoever with toilet seats on trains or in restaurants.

I can only recommend this convenient urination system.

Esther Zysset

Other toilets than at home

Pibella Travel is just great because I am reluctant to use other toilets; it‘s a lot more comfortable to urinate while Standing.Pibella Travel is just great because I am reluctant to use other toilets; it‘s a lot more comfortable to urinate while standing. Pibella is a great wee wee device.

Cordially yours Ursula Knopf

Satisfied female pelvic floor experts / we recommend Pibella

All our BeBo® instructors in Switzerland and Germany are thrilled and satisfied with the Pibella female urination device, both for affected customers as well as within prevention. Experience shows that a lot of daily inconveniences can be overcome in a simple manner. After initial scepticism, I am now thoroughly convinced that we can present your products during our instruction and training courses.

Best regards Judith Krucker, BeBo Fitness training, Zurich and Oberottmarshausen (Germany)

Feedback from the skiing tour expedition to Muztagh Ata, 7,546 m.a.s.l. with Pibella Urinals

On expeditions, there are many unknown factors to be considered, e.g. weather, conditions, health, nutrition, etc. Weeks, even months beforehand, the equipment must be carefully prepared. This encompasses choosing the right gear, not too heavy, yet still warm enough. All in all, these are no simple decisions to be made by inexperienced trekkers.

It was relieving and reassuring to know that, as a woman, I had Pibella Comfort with me for urination at night in the high altitude camps – this solution fully convinced me. I had already gathered plenty of practice at home, getting accustomed to the usage of the device. First in the bathroom, later in bed. Even though it worked perfectly each time, I still decided to take an absorbent mat with me – at high altitudes I couldn‘t afford to have a wet sleeping bag at all. The appliance worked in all situations, whether in the tent, with my clothes on or in the sleeping bag.

I tested Pibella Travel on skiing tours in Switzerland. It took quite a bit of practice to urinate while standing – but as soon as you get the hang of it, it‘s a lot more comfortable than letting your trousers down in ice-cold temperatures. In addition, such „woman peeing while standing“ scenes definitely enhance the entertainment factor within the group!

Many thanks for Pibella that, even though originally designed for ill women, I, as a healthy woman, use a lot in my freetime … and it‘s also a lot of fun. I will gladly recommend the female Pibella Urinals.

Best regards

Eveline Bucheli

Walking and hiking with Pibella pee funnel

I use Pibella Urinal when I go walking and hiking. As I am older, crouching in the woods is quite a problem resp. getting up again. Pibella makes everything a lot easier because I can now urinate standing.

I recently bought two more urinal devices because I want to give one to my sister and keep another one in my handbag. Pibella also comes in handy in dirty toilets, hence I don‘t have to sit on a filthy toilet seat.

It‘s great that Pibella is so small and even fits in my pocket. Further, the material allows the device to be rinsed under a tap. The water pearls off in droplets.

Yours sincerely

Dora Hansel, Germany

Also my mother-in-law will buy the Pibella pee funnel ;-)

I am an enthusiastic user of Pibella Travel! We like it so much that I will purchase a green Pibella pee funnel for my mother-in-law.


Barbara Stocker, Germany

Enthusiasm on hikes and expeditions with Pibella Urinal

Feedback from my hiking expedition:

I took the wee-wee devices Pibella Travel + Comfort with me on my hiking expedition and I am thrilled to bits with the female products. At long last, all strenuous activities have come to an end, e.g. getting up, putting shoes on, opening the tent‘s zip, leaving the tent in all weathers!

Pibella accounts for the female anatomy. Four years ago, I had a climbing accident which caused a strong contusion to the pelvis. If I‘d have possessed Pibella back then, I would have avoided a lot of pain and toil.

Best wishes and kind regards

Annabelle Cuche

Pibella works like a dream

Thank you very much for your invention that provides women with a lot more freedom to move!

Pibella Travel works like a dream. Now, I don‘t have to contain myself to the point that it becomes uncomfortable. Great Urinal for ladies!

Best regards

Esther Z., Zurich

Easy to use and discreet

I received my Pibella Travel today and I just had to try it out immediately. I have to say that I am very happy with this fantastic urine device for ladies. It‘s not just easy to use but also highly discreet.

I will recommend Pibella Urine device to other women because I can imagine it will be a welcome aid to many others, e.g. during pregnancy or for those who travel a lot and don‘t have the chance to relieve themselves unobserved.

Kind regards

Eva-Maria Apfelthaler

We enjoy your pee funnel Pibella :-)

Thanks so much for this ingenious urination System Pibella for ladies. My friends and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Cordially yours

Annika Spörle, Germany

Painless with Lichen Sclerosus / absolutely dry

It is best money I have given out for a long time! I suffer from skin disease Lichen Sclerosus – translated into Danish “silkehud” which is a disease of the inner labia. When the disease flares up, bursting the skin and leaves exuding wounds. I have had the disease in some 9 years and have tried everything to avoid urine touching the wounds, without finding something that works for me. I must admit I was a little skeptic around Pibella Travel, but although the material is hard, it felt not hard while using. I was also concerned it might “stick” against my wounds and then it would be a pain to remove it. This issue has been the biggest problem with all the different things I have tried over the years, but it was a real joy to eliminate it. Pibella ist the only product, which keeps the body absolutey dry. Not a drop falls aside. Now I can allow myself to take into the city even when I have these outbreaks, where I previously was forced to stay home near the shower to wash the urine away when I peed and felt pain afterwards. I can definitely recommend to others with the same disease or other diseases of the vagina, using Pibella Travel and may like to refer to my mail in connection with the mention of the product. Many greetings Emma L. Denmark

Every woman should know about this product for ladies! I recommend Pibella


I have been using „Pibella Urine director for ladies“ for a year now. Due to the fact that it is somewhat odd, I decided to try it out in the shower. At first, it took me a while to „let go“ – but I soon overcame that after experiencing just how clean it is and that nothing goes aside. I have become an ardent user of Pibella Travel for almost one whole year. I store it in an old sock; I take it everywhere I go, e.g. on trips, in train toilets, motorway service areas, walking my dog, etc. All I need to do, is undo my zip, move my slip to one side … a wonderful invention. No more strenuous crouching, no more taking any clothes off. Pibella is just brilliant. Every woman should know about this product! I‘ve already spread the word among my family and friends – I will soon send you an order for at least 50 devices!

Best regards “Susanna“

Pibella Travel on my wedding

Pibella Travel grün

Dear Sir/Madam

After purchasing a Pibella Travel, I would now like to share my thoughts on this product:

I bought a Pibella for a rather unusual event: my wedding. The reason: I had a crinoline dress and therefore would have needed someone to accompany me to the rest room to lift it up. In order to avoid this inconvenience, I decided to buy a Pibella. After three attempts, I got the hang of it. My Pibella fitted nicely in a small handbag and I was able to go to the toilet on my own.

An excellent product – please keep up the good work!

Best regards Grit H., Germany

You have provided an elegant solution to a problem

Congratulations to your invention, I hope you achieve a wide distribution. Hats off, you have provided an elegant solution to a problem. Many women fear the potty. I use this Pibella female urination device also for travels — just perfect. Thank you very much Heidi Bossard

Mein Mann war geschockt

Only available in german yet:

Herzlichen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung!… Ich habe schon einen Testversuch gestartet…. War eine sehr lustige Aktion :o)… Mein Mann ist per Zufall früher nachhause gekommen und war geschockt als er mich durch die offene Badezimmertür im stehen Pinkeln gesehen hat….

Mara, Schweiz

Pibella – a great female urination device

I heard about Pibella via the media. I have been suffering from an irritable bladder for many years, and I can hardly tolerate a permanent catheter (constant irritation of the bladder). In May 2008, I underwent a knee operation after which I was not able to leave my bed for at least 2 days. As I decided to refuse using a permanent catheter, I was left with the single option of testing Pibella. I discussed it with my doctor and the anaesthetist who were both willing to respect my request. I think Pibella is good due to the fact that a patient does not always have to call for a nurse in order for her to bring a bedpan. The usage is very discreet, and once the application is understood, one never encounters any further problems. I can only recommend the Pibella female urinating system, and I will certainly use it during the days after my next knee operation (which takes place next year). Rona Rudolf, Switzerland

Leicht zu bedienen

Only available in german yet:

Pibella finde ich sehr leicht zu bedienen. Ein tolles Produkt! Nehme es auf die Asienreise mit.

Matilda Verena

Pibella is for me the best female urination device

I discovered Pibella (to be precise, it was Pibella Travel – the pink and green models were the only ones available, so I decided to buy the green one) in the Transa store in Basel when I was really looking for a bath towel. Until then, I had never been aware of the fact that something like Pibella ever existed. Even though I am still young, I know what it means to provide nursing care to the elderly due to the fact that I took care of my grandmother a lot. It’s just a pity that I didn’t know about this product when she was alive – but better late than never! Pibella is great and perfect for women — the best female urination device for me. Have a nice day and best regards Margrit, Basel

Very positive experiences with Pibella at the hospital – also perfect on my travels

I had very good experiences using Pibella in the hospital, and I would now like to take the Pibella FUD (female urinating device) with me on my travels (especially to developing countries). Thank you, Jasmin Mops

Pibella – small and discreet

I now always take Pibella with me during sports. Due to the fact that it is so small and discreet, I am now able to just slide my shorts and underpants to one side. It works fine. Kind regards, Babette, Switzerland

A plain and simple design for the perfect female urination device Pibella

With Pibella you have invented an ergonomically perfect pee aid which makes women think why such a thing wasn’t invented a long time ago! The design is plain and simple, and the choice of materials is optimal – but, above all: the docking orifice is nicely rounded and does not hurt at all.

Even if you are smiling about my statement regarding the „design“ of this product, I must say that women are able to carry Pibella in their handbag or backpack – WITHOUT having to answer „silly questions“ in the event that anybody should look into my bag.

It’s just brilliant for holidays, travelling by train and invariably in the case of unacceptable restrooms, where women must always be afraid that „something“ may squirt around. THANKS TO PIBELLA, THOSE DAYS ARE NOW OVER!

Gone are the days when ticks had to be removed from an intimate part of the body after crouching behind bushes on the edge of a forest.

Thank you very much for your invention and also for selling the aid at such a reasonable price.

Kind regards, Rosanna Mola


Pibella is the only pee aid for women that ensures a firm coverage over the urethral orifice

Wow, brilliant! I know several urination systems, but Pibella is the only pee aid for women that ensures a firm coverage over the urethral orifice. Nothing went wrong, and I was even able to wipe off the last drop. I am now looking forward to travelling with Pibella. Stefanie Schmied

The Pibella wee-wee aid for women works perfectly while standig

The Pibella wee-wee aid for women works perfectly while standig. I am absolutely thrilled by Pibella Travel. Kind regards Sabrina Scholl, Schweiz

No disgusting toilets anymore

No disgusting toilets anymore Pibella Travel is just brilliant, and it works flawlessly! At long last, I do not have to sit on or crouch over any disgusting toilets anymore when I go to openairs or other concerts or when I’m on holiday or go out. It even works a lot better than the conventional urination systems for women. Thank you very much indeed!! Carlotta Zürcher, Switzerland

I am delighted – this female urination device Pibella is simply brilliant and works perfect!


This female urination device is simply brilliant. I am very delighted. Pibella works perfect!!!!!!! Yours sincerely Natascha Wirz, Switzerland

Pibella – what a relief

Pibella Travel grün

When I was on holiday, Pibella Travel saved me several times when I had to go to the loo. By the way, it also works perfectly using a PET bottle in a seated position! At night and half asleep, all I had to do was to sit on the edge of the bed. What a relief! Perfect pee funnel. It really is a brilliant thing, and the design reminds me of a small fashion accessory. Barbara Hübscher

Lichen sclerosus / Thanks to the Pibella urination device


My Pibella Travel has just arrived, and it is exactly what I had expected and hoped for. I suffer from a disease called Lichen Sclerosus which makes my private parts particularly vulnerable to injuries and wounds. As soon as these „parts“ come into contact with urine, I experience almost unbearable pain. Pibella is the only female urination device I have encountered that keeps urine away from my body without exposing the surrounding skin. I will recommend this system to the LS online support group. I will also order another one in the near future. Many thanks! Judith O’Sean, USA

Pibella – no more penis envy at last


Dear Mr Stebler! I immediately tested Pibella, and it worked superbly – what a great idea! Finally, no more penis envy! It would make Freud roll over in his grave. During my stay here in Peking, Pibella pee aid has made many visits to public toilets a lot easier. Moreover, I have acquired a new perspective in terms of now being able to stand up while peeing ;) All I need now is to practise for the winter months so I can „pee“ my name in the snow. Thanks a lot – I will recommend your product whenever I can. Many kind regards from Peking! Silvia Perri, Austria

Pibella is the perfect womens pee aid. I need another one


I need another one, I am thrilled to bits!!! Pibella is the perfect womens pee aid. Eva Meier

Pipi machen, ohne das jemand etwas erfährt

Pibella Travel grün

Only available in german yet:

Guten Abend! Ich (62) habe seit einer Weile meine Pibella (grün), und ich bin sehr zufrieden. Um während den täglichen längeren Hunde Spaziergängen einfach selber schnell ein Bisy zu machen, habe ich in zwei von meinen Hosen eine Naht geöffnet , nur ein par Zentimeter, (die ich wieder mit Klettband schliessen kann), genau von unter der unteren Seite vom Reisverschluss, bis zum Kreuz. Damit kann ich einfach, ohne die Hose zu öffnen, die Pibella platzieren und meine Bisy machen, ohne dass jemand etwas erfährt. Vielleicht könnte die Pibella auch so eine Design Hose verkaufen . Ich bin Designerin!

MfG aus Arbon,

Frau Margrit Ernst

Vielen Dank für den Tip

Pibella Travel grün

Only available in german yet:

Vielen Dank für den Tip.

Ich habe anlässlich einer Wanderwoche mit ca. 150 Teilnehmern einigen Frauen die Pibella vorgestellt und alle waren begeistert. Ich hoffe natürlich sehr, dass auch einige Bestellungen daraus geworden sind.

Eine tolle Erfindung – viel Erfolg!

Mit besten Grüssen

Bettina Landsmann

Ein erlösendes Erlebnis

Pibella Comfort, made for woman, the urination device

Only available in german yet:

“Ich habe es zum Glück in der Zeitung gesehen. Es funktionierte tatsächlich auf dem ersten Spaziergang im Wald. Am liebsten hätte ich vor Freude und Erleichterung jemanden umarmt. Auch wenn es sich hier nur um etwas sehr Alltägliches handelt, war das ein wirklich erlösendes Erlebnis. Nun gehe ich wieder spazieren, denn das Hinkauern macht mir Probleme.”

Friedel Schalch, Jahrgang 1924, Baden, Schweiz

Auch die Schuhe bleiben trocken


Als ich das 1. Mal die Pibella ausprobierte, hatte ich grosse Bedenken, ob da nicht doch was danebengehen würde und so „übte“ ich erst mal nackt in der Badewanne, dann in Freien (ich wohne am Waldrand ). Es hat mich wirklich verblüfft, das dieses System absolut dicht hält und man keine Angst haben muss, dass man hinterher doch nasse Hosen kriegt. Im Januar werde ich eine Fernostreise unternehmen und da werde ich Pibella sicher mit einpacken. Mittlerweile habe ich mich überzeugt, dass es bestens funktioniert und völlig dicht ist. Ein bisschen Überwindung braucht es am Anfang schon, da es für uns Frauen doch eine völlig ungewohnte Erfahrung ist, im Stehen zu pinkeln.“

Übrigens meine Mutter hatte schon als wir Kinder waren auf den Wanderungen immer wieder gesagt, man sollte einfach einen „Tourenpisser“ für Frauen erfinden. Sie fand es immer äusserst unpraktisch in die Hocke zu gehen, vor allem im Gebirge, wo es keine Bäume mehr hat. So ist mir diese Erfindung eigentlich schon seit meiner Kindheit im Bewusstsein.

Beim Wandern im letzten August war auch eine Frau dabei, die sehr Mühe hatte in die Knie zu gehen (Arthrose) und Sie war äusserst dankbar für diesen Typ.

Sie dürfen mich natürlich gerne anrufen. Unsere Wanderwoche findest erst wieder im August 2012 statt, aber es wäre natürlich schön, wenn ich da die Pibella auch noch in einer anderen Farbe zeigen könnte. Ich habe eine weisse. Unsere speziellen Wanderwochen sind nicht unbedingt geeignet, um da vor allen Anwesenden Pibella vorzustellen, aber im kleineren Kreise (auf den einzelnen Touren) werde ich sicher wieder einige Gelegenheiten dazu haben.

Bettina Zurkinden

Im Rollstuhl, Bett und Krankenhaus eine grosse Hilfe


Only available in german yet:

Ich möchte mich nochmals bedanken, für ihre schnelle Hilfe und Unterstützung als ich im Spital in Bern lag und meine Pibella abhanden kam, wie froh war ich, als ich ihr Paket erhielt.

Ich bin selber grösstenteils auf den Rollstuhl angewiesen und es gibt immer wieder Zeiten wo ich mich kaum bewegen kann und schon der Weg zur Toilette ein Problem wird, da ist die Pibella ein grosser Segen.

Aber am dankbarsten war ich im Krankenhaus, als ich mich nicht mehr bewegen konnte und mir diesen mühsamen Topf ersparen konnte, erstens habe ich eine sehr schwachte Blase und muss öfters aufs Clo und dann jedes Mal zu klingeln ist für mich eine grosse Überwindung, kommt dazu, dass ich es sehr anstrengend finde, den Topf zu benützen und manchmal ohne Hilfe kaum möglich, wenn man seine Beine nicht mehr bewegen kann. Und dann noch die Scham dazu, wennn die Schwester daneben wartet, bis man fertig ist, mit der Pibella ist das viel unkomplizierter und einfacher. Und die Schwestern haben den Beutel auch problemlos geleert, auch wenn Sie das system nicht kannten, und ich konnte so ein wenig Werbung machen. Ich hoffe sehr, dass sich dieses System in den Spitälern immer mehr durchsetzt und allgemein bekannter wird.

Vielen Dank, nochmals für Ihre Unterstützung.

Und entschuldigen Sie, dass ich mich erst jetzt wieder melde, aber es lief nach dem Spitalauftenhalt alles drunter und drüber.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Mary Graph

Ich habe mein Geld schon lange nicht für etwas Besseres ausgegeben.


Only available in german yet:

Ich habe mein Geld schon lange nicht für etwas Besseres ausgegeben.

Ich leide an der Hautkrankheit Lichen Sclerosus, was auf Dänisch «silkehud» heisst. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Krankheit der inneren Schamlippe. Tritt die Krankheit in Erscheinung, so verletzt sie die Haut und hinterlässt feuchte Wunden.

Ich leide schon seit neun Jahren daran und habe bisher vergeblich versucht, ein Mittel zu finden, das den Urin von den Wunden fernhält. Ich gebe zu, dass ich Pibella Travel anfangs etwas skeptisch gegenüberstand. Obwohl das Material hart ist, fühlt es sich bei der Anwendung äusserst angenehm an und die Platzierung vor dem Harnröhrenausgang ist sehr einfach.

Genau darin bestand nämlich das Hauptproblem bei allen anderen Produkten, die ich über die Jahre ausprobiert habe. Nur mit Pibella bleibt alles absolut trocken.

Umso grösser ist meine Freude heute, dieses Problem endlich aus dem Weg geräumt zu haben.

Am Anfang noch ungeübt, war es nicht ganz klar, wenn «frau» fertig uriniert hat! Jetzt bin ich geübt – ich habe es im Griff – es geht kein einziger Urintropfen daneben.

Ich nehme Ihr Produkt nun sogar mit in die Stadt und bin so immer gut ausgerüstet. Zuvor war ich gezwungen, zuhause zu bleiben, um in der Nähe meiner Dusche zu sein, damit ich den Urin sofort wegwaschen konnte, nachdem ich mich erleichtert und danach Schmerzen verspürt hatte.

Menschen mit derselben Krankheit oder ähnlichen Vaginalkrankheiten empfehle ich den Gebrauch von Pibella Travel.

Gerne dürfen Sie mein Feedback im Zusammenhang mit Ihrem Produkt verwenden.

Viele Grüsse Emma L. Dänemark